Ever since the dawn of human’s life on earth, leaf is something that exist in everyone’s life. The first human Adam and Eve used leaf to protect their body. Leaf has an enormous connection between a human and their life. Its uses are so vital that they’re used as a cloth to food and also as a medicine. No doubt that nature plays an inspirational role in the matter of designs.

Tropical Leaf High Quality Pattern

Green and Black Leaf Pattern

Exotic Leaves Pattern

Leafy designs are the most tropical design found throughout the world. Leafy designs are the peculiar and original designs inspired from the nature. So, leaf patterns are obviously the eternal trend and will never go outdated. Toronto maple leaf theme party are the fever of current youth today, where in everything from clothing to food will be done in the shape of maple leaf.

Pattern of Banana Leaves

Light Colored Leaf Pattern


Palm Leaves Pattern Design

Green Leaf Pattern

Seamless Vintage Pattern of Leaf’s

Blue Leaf Pattern Design

Watercolor Palm Leaves Pattern

Best Design Leaf Pattern

Leaf’s Watercolor Pattern Design

There are some exclusive leafy pattern designs found for you this season are Seamless tree pattern design, plantain leaf pattern design, Geometric leaf pattern design, Maple leaf pattern design, Crochet leaf pattern design, single laciniate leaf pattern design, cordate(heart-shaped) leaf pattern design, fern leaf pattern design and linear leaf pattern designs.

Beautiful Leaf Pattern

Decorative Seamless Leaf Pattern

Seamless Leaf Patterns with Eps Format

Gradient Leaf Pattern

Black and White Leaf Pattern

Pretty Blue Leaves Pattern

Colorful Leaves Pattern for Cards

Green Leaves Nice Pattern

The last few Springs the plantain leaves have made their appearance in design trends of all kinds, from fashion to decor. Geometric patterns of leaf are in demand for the fabric, wallpaper and gift wraps. Crochet leaf pattern designs are trending in art and craft ideas. Fern leaf pattern design and linear leaf pattern designs has hit the textile industry with different interesting patterns.

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