A floral patterns is timeless. It is always in fashion, exude beauty and happiness. With many flowers available to date you can get a pattern with a floral design that will meet your project needs. What makes these floral patterns unique, is that they have colors that portrays a friendly look for anyone who sees them. They make excellent background décor and can be used for birthday invitations, wedding or any formal invitations. Check out the following floral patterns that will make your design look attractive and stylish. You may also See Aztec Patterns

Vintage Floral Pattern

This good-looking floral pattern features seamless vintage flowers in vibrant pink and orange colors against a navy background. The colors are coordinated such that both the large pink roses and small orange flowers balance the navy hue. Through a click, you can download this pattern and start using it immediately.

vintage floral pattern

Seamless Floral Pattern

If you prefer floral patterns in muted shades, then this seamless floral pattern in brown color is ideal for you. The graphics are in JPG image format, and it even comes with different download options such as 72dpi in small and large sizes as well as 300dpi resolution in large and extra-large sizes.

seamless floral pattern

Floral Swirl Pattern

From extra small to maximum 4000x4000px, this floral swirl pattern is versatile. The white floral pattern is on a blue background which gives this design an exotic feel. The Victorian circles used to create the flower makes it perfect as a decorative background.

floral swirl pattern

Tropical Floral Pattern

The combined plumeria and hibiscus flowers, make this seamless tropical floral pattern eye-catching. This design features blossomed flowers that contrast beautifully with the green leaves. You can download it and use it as a wallpaper to decorate the walls of your home.

tropical floral pattern

Grunge Floral Pattern

Do you want to give your project or design a psychedelic 60s style? Then this grunge floral pattern is just what you need. The repeating vibrant flower design makes this pattern great for use in a scrapbook, adding a bit of nature to a wall or art illustration. You may also See Tropical Patterns

grunge floral pattern

Watercolor Floral Pattern

Watercolor is a style that has been embraced all over the world. This watercolor floral pattern makes use of the painting technique to bring a nature feel to the design. The blossom design will look beautiful as a background or for use in textile.

watercolor floral pattern

Black and White Floral Pattern

Black and white floral pattern is flexible that it will complement any project you are working on. It comes in different high resolutions to suit many of your client’s preference choices. You can download it and use for various party themes or personalized designs.

black and white floral pattern

Geometric Floral Pattern

Geometric shapes are trendy, and with this geometric floral pattern your designs will stand out. It is a black and white pattern which gives a classy and stylish look to any project. It aims to exude elegance and catch the attention of anyone who sees it.

geometric floral pattern

Hand Drawn Floral Pattern

Use this hand drawn floral pattern to make a lasting impression with your customers. The pattern has a pink color which is ideal for artists or designers who need to give their project a feminine look. Download this floral pattern for free and start using it immediately. You may also See Heart Patterns

hand drawn floral pattern

From simple muted designs to using bold colors, floral patterns have an alluring beauty that is hard not to notice. On backgrounds, these designs add a fresh outdoor feel and liveliness to any project. They have the right color coordination that can showcase your creativity to clients, guest or web users. So activate your creative process by using only the best floral patterns.

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