Using an intricate pattern in your projects will give them a more sophisticated character. In this post, we are going to focus on Mexican pattern. For example in the Aztec Pattern, the combinations of the color alongside the remarkable designs of each pattern are sure to capture everyone’s attention. If you are thinking of adopting an ethnic tone in your projects then keep on reading for our selection of amazing and cool Mexican pattern designs.

Tribal Mexican Pattern Design

tribal mexican pattern design

This tribal design has patterns that come into the blue color scheme. This vintage pattern is available in both JPEG and .eps formats and is a great choice for décor.

Mexican Floral Pattern

mexican floral pattern

This pattern with the colorful flowers and birds is a stunning sight. They are available in JPEG, eps and PNG formats. You can choose black and white or no background.

Seamless Mexican Pattern

seamless mexican pattern

This is a pure Mexican pattern. The seamless patterns of the piñatas, the cactus plants, the sombreros and the chili peppers bring a sense of Mexican air to your project.

Red Mexican pattern

red mexican pattern

This pattern refers to the colors of the Mexican Flag. This vibrant colorful pattern has two-dimensional shapes depicting the Mexican life and comes in both jpeg and eps formats.

Aztec Mexican Seamless Pattern

aztec mexican seamless pattern

This black and white Aztec pattern is eye-catching. The synthesis of geometrical shapes brings a unique combination. The colors and shapes can be modified to your taste.

Simple Mexican Floral Pattern Design

simple mexican floral pattern design

The flowers of this stunning pattern bring the nature to you. The simplicity of the color combination in neutral hues brings a lovely traditional design to use in your project.

Decorative Mexican Floral pattern

decorative mexican floral pattern

The second set of the Mexican pattern. The colors are more subtle but the design remains remarkable. You can find it in modifiable file formats to edit according to taste.

Traditional PSD Mexican Pattern

traditional psd mexican patterns

This is a great choice for food-related projects. The patterns of traditional Mexican food and beverages bring a taste of Mexico to you. Available in jpg and eps formats.

Handmade Mexican Pattern

handmade mexican pattern

Neutral beige colors with shades of blue put together this great Mexican themed pattern. This handmade design is a combination of elements from the local everyday life in exotic Mexico.

Mexican Black Skull with Winter Pattern

mexican black skull with winter pattern

The skulls are inspired from the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico. The design has a unique combination of Mexican and winter themes that synthesize this beautiful pattern idea.

Ancient Mexican Aztec Seamless Pattern

ancient mexican aztec seamless pattern

Central Mexican Recycled Pattern

central mexican recycled pattern

Classic Mexican Pattern

classic mexican pattern

Seamless Floral Mexican Pattern

seamless floral mexican pattern

Brown Mexican Pattern

brown mexican pattern

Vegetable Mexican Cuisine Pattern

vegetable mexican cuisine pattern

Rainbow Mexican Pattern

mexican zigzag pattern

Mexican Skull Seamless Pattern

mexican skull seamless pattern

The ethnic style of the Mexican patterns can be attained by Arabic patterns too. The combination of colors and shapes evoke a sense of international design that will appeal to everyone. We hope that we managed to give you some great ideas to incorporate amazing tribal patterns for your own projects.

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