For those of you who think Mexican Tattoos are only for people from Mexico, you are wrong. Mexican tattoos are inspired by Mayan, Inca, and Aztec Art. These are all tribes. Mexican Tattoos are also known as Chicano tattoos and are some really crazy patterns. They are very different and creative from other normal tattoos.

Black and Grey Mexican Tattoo

Black and Grey Mexican Tattoo Source

This beautifully drawn out clown girl is a very fine and has been done perfectly. The way her hair is falling and the half clown mask is an impeccable work. The shading is done so accurately. We love the design overall.

Beautiful Ink Tattoo Design

Beautiful Ink Tattoo Design Source

This colorful lady Mexican tattoo is all about the designing and the conceptualisation. Each element added to it is thoughtful and there is so much creativity added into it. The colors added to it are a perfect match and makes the tattoo look very realistic.

Traditional Half Sleeve Tattoo

Traditional Half Sleeve Tattoo Source

This well designed Jesus tattoo gives the entire design a very polished look. It looks very elegant and magnificent. Overall this tattoo gives out a very traditional look.

Awesome Mexican Style Tattoo

Awesome Mexican Style Tattoo Source

Day of the dead girl is a Mexican holiday and is celebrated through Mexico. People light candles in cemeteries on this day. The tattoo has a very evil look to it but none the less, it has been done so wonderfully. To get the evil look on a tattoo is not very easy and this has pretty much nailed it.

Eagle Tattoo for Men

Eagle Tattoo for Men Source

This tattoo is a symbol of power, authority, and strength. Eagle is known as the mightiest of all birds and this tattoo symbolizes on those lines. This looks extravagant and gives out a very fierce look.

Modern Clown Girl Tattoo Idea

Modern Clown Girl Tattoo Idea Source

Usually, the clown girls in Mexico pluck out their eyebrows and they use makeup to cover up their eye region. This gives it a very clown-like look. The tattoo done here is extremely admirable. The perfect wavy layers of hair and the well-structured face made us stare at the alluring tattoo for quite some time.

Awesome Culture Tattoo for Men

Awesome Culture Tattoo for Men Source

This is a tribal tattoo inspired by the Aztec tribe. Aztec is a member of the American Indian people in Mexico during the 16th century. This tribal tattoo gives out a very rustic and ancient look. It feels like one is reliving the tribal times all over again. The colors used in the design look pleasing.

Colorful Tattoo on Hand

Colorful Tattoo on Hand Source

The day of the dead girl tattoo again looks stunning because of the various colors that have been used. The red color overpowers the tattoo and the golden glitter on the lips gives it a very radiating look. Overall this tattoo gives out a very lustrous look.

Scary Full Sleeve Tattoo

Scary Full Sleeve Tattoo Source


These skull tattoos have a lot of hidden meaning. In Mexico, these skulls were used in black magic and voodoo. This gives out a very scary and evil feeling. This eventually became a part of the Mexican culture and a lot of people get them tattooed.

Wonderful Ink Tattoo on Leg

Wonderful Ink Tattoo on Leg


This again is an Aztec tattoo that represents tribal art. To give it a more impactful feel, there are flowers, a butterfly and a cross added to it. This design looks supreme and gives out a very opulent look.

Cool Mexican Culture Tattoo

Cool Mexican Culture Tattoo Source

Tiger Tattoo Design Idea

Tiger Tattoo Design Idea Source

Amazing Clown Tattoo for Men

Amazing Clown Tattoo for Men Source

Dead Skull Tattoo for Women

Dead Skull Tattoo for Women Source

Unique Mexican Style Tattoo

Unique Mexican Style Tattoo Source

Creative Black Tattoo Idea

Creative Black Tattoo Idea Source

Colorful Tattoo for Men

Colorful Tattoo for Men Source

Animal Tattoo on Palm

Animal Tattoo on Palm Source

Fabulous Back Tattoo Design

Fabulous Back Tattoo Design Source

Old Fashioned Mexican Tattoo

Old Fashioned Mexican Tattoo Source

Wonderful Chest Tattoo for Men

Wonderful Chest Tattoo for Men Source

These are few graceful Mexican tattoos. There is something different about Mexican tattoos, maybe the fact that there is a greater meaning behind every single depiction. Well eventually we love all of them and we suggest you understand them before getting them done.

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