Just like any other art form, a wreath tattoo which bears its origin from ancient Greek has become a way from which both young and old individuals can self-express. While a wreath makes a perfect sleeve tattoo, the size you choose will eventually determine the place to be inked. Whether you want a feminine or masculine design, there’s a wreath tattoo that you will love.

Floral Wreath Tattoo on Thigh

floral wreath tattoo on thigh


A floral pattern gives a fun characteristic to any tattoo. A wreath with a floral pattern represents a new beginning and abundant lifestyle which is why placing this design on the thighs makes it more appealing. You may also see Daffodil Tattoo Designs

Daisy Wreath Tattoo

daisy wreath tattoo


When it comes to a wreath, the core symbol is the circle which represents wholeness and unity. By incorporating a circle and a daisy flower on your wreath design, you’re expressing honesty that is relatable to both male and females.

Poppy Wreath Tattoo Design

poppy wreath tattoo design


If plants are more your forte, then go for this poppy tattoo design. Both meadow and poppy give this tattoo a sunny characteristic that is perfect for summer or spring while the wreath adds a deeper meaning.

Watercolor Wreath Tattoo

watercolor wreath tattoo


This watercolor wreath tattoo uses vibrant shades that will complement both dark and pale skin tones. The different type of flowers and a unique word in a calligraphy font is bound to draw attention towards the tattoo.

Wreath Tattoo for Men

wreath tattoo for men


Tattoos for men generally need to portray a masculine trait. While a wreath inked art is unisex, adding rifles, swords and making design large makes this tattoo specifically for the male gender. Opt for black hues that complement a pale skin tone.

Illustration Wreath Tattoo

illustration wreath tattoo


Unique Wreath Eye Tattoo

unique wreath eye tattoo


Colorful Wreath Tattoo Design

colorful wreath tattoo design


Neo Traditional Wreath Shoulder Tattoo

neo traditional wreath shoulder tattoo


How to choose the best place for your wreath tattoo?

When getting a tattoo, you need to choose a place that is flattering and where you can easily cover it up. Wrists, ankle, behind the ear, on your back and the collar bone, are some of the perfect places where you can easily camouflage your tattoo.

Over the years wreath tattoos have gained popularity as a means by which both male and females of all ages can express a distinctive meaning. You can incorporate heart tattoos to a wreath to give the body art a unique logic. So, be inspired by the meaning that a wreath tattoo symbolizes and get yourself one of these unique designs.

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