Coming up with a fresh design for your new travel magazine / publication can be a hard job. Travel is one of the widely covered genres in publications and if you don’t offer something fresh, it is more likely that your magazine won’t sell. The first look matters a lot when you are trying to sell / distribute your publication among the audience. Well, here are some highly creative and unique templates to make your job easier. Check them out!

InDesign Traveler Magazine Template

An exclusive and seriously fresh template for new travel magazines, this design includes a beautiful layout for photos, text, experiences, advertising and tips. Further, the layout and color are fully customizable. Print ready, all you need to do is put in the relevant text.

Multipurpose Travel Agency Magazine

This template is not just for the cover but also offers a complete look for your travel publication. Encompassing 48 pages the template is available as an InDesign file and can also be customized to fit the requirements of lifestyle, photography, art, architecture, fashion and other genres too.

World Travel Magazine Design

A simplistic cover template, this could be the face of your new travel publication – magazine or book. The unique logo and the minimalistic graphics keep the look fresh and professional and it will easily attract the attention of the audience.

Popular Travel Magazine Template

Another incredible design for any kind of magazine or newsletter, this can be put to use in a variety of industries. The layout we see here is highly clear and crisp and offers a cutting edge visual to captivate your reader and thereby enhance your company’s image.

Minimal Travel Magazine Template

Among the few unique black and white magazine templates out there, this product features clean and elegant layout and the opportunity to customize it to any industry. You can easy drop your own text and images into the InDesign file to make it print ready.

High Quality Traveler Magazine Indesign Template

This is yet another exclusive and fresh travel magazine template that is offered just at $14. You acquire the rights to the template with this but and one of the biggest design issues is taken care of! While the template can address the requirements of any industry, it is made to represent the travel genre. All you need to do is replace the demo content with your original articles and pictures and you are ready for printing.

Layered A4 Travel Magazine

This particular travel magazine template would make work so much easier for any new publication. Offered at just $ 16, this template looks fresh, cool and professional at the same time. While the template features demo images, all you need to do is understand the layout and replace the demo content with matching pictures and articles.

Modern Time Traveler Magazine

A 30 page Adobe InDesign template, this minimalistic time traveler magazine will make your work a lot easier. Everything in this template is open to customization but you might not want to change the color scheme achieved therein – it already looks cool!

Travel Magazine Template

Featuring a very modern look for a travel magazine, this template offers an impressive layout for images, text, advertisements, pop up boxes and other elements common to this genre of publication. Just put in relevant content and you are ready to go to print.

Travel Chalkboard Magazine

Awesome World Travel Magazine Template

Vacation Magazine Template

Trip Travel Magazine Template

Best City Travel Magazine

Travel Agency Magazine Template

Trawell Magazine Template

High Resolution Travel Magazine

We hope you have come across a really professional magazine template that meets your needs precisely. Getting done with the layout is one of the most difficult brainstorming a publication house would ever do. Well, this list certainly makes it easier.

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