Apart from helping to keep track of time, a watch can act as a fashion accessory that will complete your outfit. A vintage watch will remain timeless and transcend any fashion trend. So, read on to find unique hipster watch designs.

Vintage Hipster Watch

vintage hipster watch

This gorgeous hipster vintage watch will make a perfect gift for your father, big brother or even your mother. The high-quality brown straps will flatter all skin tones and complement both casual and formal outfits.

Hipster Digital Watch

hipster digital watch

There’s no better satisfaction than owning and wearing a watch that you love. Since we live in an era where technology trends, then it’s only logical to have a hipster digital watch that tells time and helps you set an alarm.

Hipster Wrist Watch Design

hipster wrist watch design

If you’re looking for a unique watch in a vibrant color, then this hipster wrist watch is just what you need to be the center of attention. Since its handmade, this watch is unique and cute. You may also see Minimal Watch Designs

Leather Hipster Watch

leather hipster watch

Women who are always doing errands around the house need to wear a waterproof watch. With this leather hipster watch, you can worry less about damaging your watch because it’s waterproof and comes in a black color to match with all your outfits.

Hipster Watch for Women

hipster watch for women

Ladies who need to dress for success or make an impression at work can do so by wearing a cute hipster wrist watch. With a black leather band and blue quill feather features, this watch is both attractive and elegant.
Individuals who prefer vintage accessories can add this hipster pocket watch to their wardrobe. Suitable for everyday wear this rare pocket watch is from the 1960s era, has an easy manual winding, is easy to read and has 18 jewels.

Sophisticated Hipster Watch

sophisticated hipster watch

This sophisticated hipster watch has a quartz movement with an analog display that bests suits the young as well as older women. It’s made using advanced technology to display accurate time and it makes no sound and is water resistant.

Hipster Watch for Men

hipster watch for men

With a black deer head, anti-reflective crystal lens and stainless steel case, this hipster watch is perfect for men who need to make a fashion statement. It also acts as a simple accessory for telling accurate time during swimming or showering.

Bamboo Hipster Watch Design

bamboo hipster watch design

While there’s no right or wrong hand to wear a wrist watch, a simple bamboo hipster watch can show both style and time. The brown color is ideal for all skin tones and will harmonize with both casual and formal outfits.

Black Hipster Watch Idea

black hipster watch idea

Since people tend to make a first impression using accessories or clothes, then it’s best to tell people about your style by dressing in a stainless steel luxury watch. The design is simple and eye catching.

Colorful Dial Hipster Watch

colorful dial hipster watch

Simple Hipster Men’s Watch

simple hipster mens watch

Cool Hipster Watch Design

cool hipster watch design

Trendy Hipster Watch Model

trendy hipster watch model

Retro Style Hipster Watch

vintage style hipster watch

White Belt Hipster Watch

white belt hipster watch

How to wear a hipster watch?

Avoid flashy quirky watches and opt for those with brown or black straps when wearing a formal outfit. For casual events, you can go for vibrant colors that best compliment your whole look. Match animal print watches with other accessories or outfit.

What to consider before buying a hipster watch?

While wrist watches are available in different sizes, always consider buying a watch that you can easily conceal under a long sleeved shirt or suit. Ultimately, go for a fit and size that you love.

Hipster’s wrist watches just like any other high-quality designer watch helps to show accurate time. Therefore choosing to invest in a quality yet durable watch is of paramount importance. Both men and women can go for a bamboo watch that best portrays their fashion style as well as makes a first impression worth remembering.

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