As summer’s already dawned bright and hotter than ever (thank you, global warming!), I suppose we may as well stay indoors and watch the final episodes of Game of Thrones, or maybe sit under the shade of a poolside umbrella sipping on a smoothie – it’s too hot to do anything else.

Fortunately, painting nails is something you can do without breaking a sweat (or a nail!). This summer, what’s ‘in’ is worth taking a bite of: watermelon nail art!
Here are some ideas for inspiration:

Something you can chew on without feeling slightly disgusted would be this particular kind of nail art. Using a candy pink base, a nail art brush is advised to create the green border (not at the tip) and the white rim. Don’t forget the top coat!

Pink and Green Polka Dot Nails

Pink and Green Polka Dot Nails source


Watermelon nail art for short nails is for you if you’re the kind who’s not really into growing your nails, but still like nail art. With just as much pop as the above, the lesser space may make for a challenge when it comes to detailing but be patient! A nail art brush (or even a handy toothpick) really helps. Keep some kitchen roll paper to carefully clean the edges.

Beautiful Watermelon Nail Art for Short Nails

Beautiful Watermelon Nail Art for Short Nails Source


The one below is similar to the first, but less complicated – the shell of the watermelon faces outward, on the tips of the nails – and an interesting way to precede a handshake!

Cute Fruity Nail Art Design

Cute Fruity Nail Art Design source


Change the finger: Euphemisms aside, if you’re bored with simple fruit designs that are the same on every fingernail, why not mix it up a little? Make a colour palette out of the fruit by going in for blocks and patterns, like this one here.

Lovely Nail Design for Short Nails

Lovely Nail Design for Short Nails source


It’s a pretty savvy way of working little and gaining more. And it gives such a hipster feel to your nails, too.

Then again, if you’re fond of seeing a little more uniformity, why not conceal a surprise on each hand? Take one colour and singling any finger out, paint the rest in any shade of pink, for the flesh of the watermelon. This is easier too, giving you more time to spend on the details when it comes to that single finger.

Pink Color Stilleto Nails

Pink Color Stilleto Nails source


Or you could just go ahead and paint all the nails the same colour, adding the design after the first clear top coat dries. A lovely pomegranate pink-red is a good choice.

Peach Color Nails with Watermelon Art

Peach Color Nails with Watermelon Art source


Try out varying designs verging on the same theme. Patterns and solid colours of the sun, particularly orange and red make for an intriguing clash that draws the eyes, not repels them.

Awesome Gel Polish Nails

Awesome Gel Polish Nails source


To achieve those subtle shades, let the base coat dry, before applying a clear top coat, and following that with the next shade – thinly applied, so as to show a merging, rather than two separate colours.

You can get that professional sheen by using a gel top coat.

And finally, if you have one pattern, why not add another? As delicious as watermelons are, a recurring design tends to be rather boring. Polka dots and pastels make for a nice change though, especially ice-cream shades like this.

Simple Summer Nail Design Idea

Simple Summer Nail Design Idea source


Perfect for tapping your chin thoughtfully while the lifeguard asks to bring you another smoothie!

Take advantage of the summer, folks. There’s much to be enjoyed in this weather, and why not do something constructive at that? Nail art is reaching its peak now with a stunning array of designs with tutorials, particularly on sites like Pintrest. It takes a meticulous hand – but it’s definitely achievable. Send us pictures of how far you’ve come along with your art, and hope these tips have helped!

Unique Watermelon Nail Design

Unique Watermelon Nail Design source

Wondrous Long Nail Art

Wondrous Long Nail Art source


Pretty Watermelon Nail Art

Pretty Watermelon Nail Art source


Classic Watermelon Nail Art Design

Classic Watermelon Nail Art Design source


Beautiful Painted Nail Art

Beautiful Painted Nail Art source


Attractive Short Watermelon Nails

Attractive Short Watermelon Nails source


Yellow and Red Watermelon Nails

Yellow and Red Watermelon Nails source


Gorgeous Nail Art Design

Gorgeous Nail Art Design source


Pointy Watermelon Nail Design

Pointy Watermelon Nail Design source


Cute Pink Long Nail Art

Cute Pink Long Nail Art source


Glitter Watermelon Nail Art Design

Glitter Watermelon Nail Art Design source


Simple Nail Art Design

Simple Nail Art Design source

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