Holographic nail design is the kind of manicure that will make your nails get noticed. This nail art is also an excellent way to express your creativity and personal style. While a simple French manicure will make your nails look beautiful, holographic nails guarantee to create that dramatic effect that will get you all the attention. So, get your nail polish or go to a salon and give your nails one of these trendy nail designs.

Rainbow Holographic Nails

Rainbow Holographic Nails Source

Summer is the perfect season for teenagers and kids to experiment with bold colors. While most nail art involves using one nail polish color, opt to use more than two bright colors to create stunning rainbow holographic nails.

Silver Holographic Nail Art

Silver Holographic Nail Art Source

Spring is the best time to debut your gorgeous silver nails. The reflective polish look creates a mesmerizing effect that is great for going to a party, club or even a wedding. You may also see Glitter Nail Designs

Blue Holographic Nail Art Design

Blue Holographic Nail Art Design Source

Complement your gold watch with this cute blue holographic nails. The color is versatile enough for both casual and formal occasions depending on your outfit. Spice up the nail art by wearing matching sandals.

Holographic Nail Design for Short Nails

Holographic Nail Design for Short Nails Source

Are you looking for a way to make your short nails stand out? Holographic nail design gives life and beauty to short nails. Go for two bold colors and apply in alternating method to give your cute short nails that dramatic effect.

Holographic Purple Glitter Nails

Holographic Purple Glitter Nails Source

If purple is your favorite color, then holographic purple glitter nails are what you need to complete your outfit. The color stands out on its own however you can add love patterns all over the nail to give the art an elegant design.

Colorful Holographic Nail Art

Colorful Holographic Nail Art Source

When it comes to trendy nail design, the more color you have on your nails, the trendier you look! Opt for nail polish with large quantities of sparkles then apply more than one coat to give the nails a chic effect.

Holographic Almond Nails

Holographic Almond Nails Source

If using one nail polish color is what you desire, then go for holographic almond nail design. While the bold color screams fun, you can add gold sparkles on one nail to give your fingers that edgy style.

Gel Holographic Nail Design

Gel Holographic Nail Design Source

Teenagers and even adults will look good in a jungle holographic nail design. Experiment with different shades of green to get that jungle art that will complement your skin tone and add a few glitters to complete the design.

Holographic Stiletto Nail Art Idea

Holographic Stiletto Nail Art Idea Source

Celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian are fond of the stiletto nail design. You too can embrace the trend by getting the holographic stiletto nail art. Give the design your signature look by using your favorite nail polish color.

Holographic Flower Nail Design

Holographic Flower Nail Design Source

When it comes to holographic nails, glitters are your best friend. Girls will love the pink nails or even go bold by opting for purple nails and complete the design by creating floral patterns on one or two nails. You may also see Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Holographic Toe Nail Art

Holographic Toe Nail Art Source

Funky Holographic Nail Art Idea

Funky Holographic Nail Art Idea Source

Pink Color Holographic Nails

Pink Color Holographic Nails Source

Unique Holographic Nail Design

Unique Holographic Nail Design Source

Lovely Holographic Nail Design

Lovely Holographic Nail Design Source

Purple Holographic Nails

Purple Holographic Nails Source

Watermelon Nail Art Design

Watermelon Nail Art Design Source

Trendy Holographic Nail Art

Trendy Holographic Nail Art Source

Cute Holographic Nail Design

Cute Holographic Nail Design Source

Holographic Gradient Nails

Holographic Gradient Nails Source

Holographic Summer Nail Art

Holographic Summer Nail Art Source

How to create a silver holographic nail design?

Cut different sizes of holographic tissue paper and apply your ideal base just ensure it’s a solid color. Add one or two coats of clear polish and using a tweezer add the cut holographic paper on each nail. Leave to dry and apply a clear top coat.

Your nails are one of the body parts on which you can portray your fashion sense. Both adults and young ladies can recreate this simple look at home; all you need is imagination, tools, and some nail polish. With one of this holographic nail design on your fingers, you will surely make a fashion statement worth remembering.

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