Glitter on nails makes any woman feel a few years younger than her age. The sequin nail art design comes in different motifs and patterns. Young women can wear these designs for parties and other occasions. It is a given that these designs are certainly not meant for office wear. Those girly nights, prom nights, and other themed parties are suitable for glitter on nails. Glitter nails are so retro and 90’s that they will never be considered out of mode.

Gold Sequin Nail Design

gold sequin nail design


The way you apply glitter onto the nails too can get creative. Apply a glossy white coat of nail polish on those long, square-shaped nails and add some glitter. You can completely fill one finger nail with golden sequins and leave the glitter only on the rim of the other nails. This creates a very stunning effect of using these designs alternatively. You may also see Bling Nail Designs

Musical Sequin Nails

musical sequin nails


The combination of matte and glitter looks good on medium length nails. Women of all types of body contour can try this on. This design is suitable for casually dressed women, who want to try something new.

Pink and Gold Sequin Nails

pink and gold sequin nails


On beautiful shade of light mauve nail polish that already has sheen and glitter, you can glue on some golden sequins to give it that metallic and urban look. Women who do not binge on drama but still want to create a statement can try this style on.

Sparkle Sequin Nail Design Idea

colorful sequin nail design idea


Apply a nude coat of nail polish on short nails and glue on the vibrant color of sequins. This gives a gel look and is suitable for older women who want to try funk once in a while. Younger girls with longer nails can club these sequins with other darker shades of blue.

Black Color Long Sequin Nails

black color long sequin nails


This is a highly creative look for the nails with a sprinkled ink motif. On really long nails, use this nail polish and apply some black sequins onto them. You can get a grunge looking nails using this pattern when coloring your nails. This is only suitable for longer nails.

Sequin Gel Nail Design

sequin gel nail design


Shade your nails in black color and glue on golden sequins in the shape of a star. This gives a retro, rock and roll look to the nails. Women smitten by the retro era and have a flair for everything vintage can use this nail art design.

Sequin Rainbow Nail Art

sequin rainbow nail art


No, you do not paint the nails in rainbow motifs, but take inspiration of colors from this pattern. Apply a good coat of lavender color of coat on alternative fingers. The other nails can be glued with golden sequins and rainbow colored sequins.

Silver Glitter Nail Art Idea

silver glitter nail art idea


Trendy Sequin Nail Design

trendy sequin nail design


Nail art with glitter makes it even more clubwear and party kind. Use glitter sparingly on most of the nail art designs. There are no elaborate motifs and patterns painted on this kind of nail art. Only sequins are used creatively on the nails. This is your best example for acrylic nail designs.

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