The aquarium is such a big world for all the wonderful sea creatures. Have you ever visited an aquarium and fallen in love with the sea world? We can bring that world right at your fingertips now. If you are someone who loves trying on different nail designs and like to think a little out of the box, this should do it for you.

These 20 aquarium nail art designs are very unique and will make your nails look dazzling. Short or long nails, we have a style for each one of you and you are ought to look amazing with these designs. Go through it, pick one or more and give you nails that out of the box look it needs.

Well if you have seen a fish tank, you would have noticed that there are plenty of bubbles in them. This nail art is done exactly like that. It has one big bubble if you notice closely. We love how wonderfully this design is done and it makes you look very different unlike the other pink nail paint.

Gel Aquarium Nail Design

gel aquarium nail design


This design is a complete representation of how beautiful an aquarium looks. It has seashells and mermaids. The colours used make it look so lively and attractive. We love how funky these nails look and it’s something completely different and if you are someone who likes braking monotony, then this is the one for you. You may also see Beach Nail Art Designs

Colorful Aquarium Nail Art Idea

colorful aquarium nail art idea


Colourful designs always grab a lot of attention because it is something extraordinary. We catch women mostly with only one colour so to try something like this would be very bold and innovative.

This is a simple yet elegant looking design. There is a sparkle added to it that makes it look radiating and the white colour symbolizes pearls which women truly love. This is a must try design for all of you who love to keep it simple but like some sparkle.

This looks beautiful to look at. The seashells that sparkle will make you feel like little mermaid. This looks like it is out of a storybook with the colours kept same as in an aquarium. Overall this is a must try design if you love to go very creative with your nail art designs.

Aquarium Nails With Crystals

aquarium nails with crystals


We do love designs that involve a lot of sparkle and crystals; it makes the nails look alluring. These nails look radiating and you will have people notice your nails instantly.

Acrylic Aquarium Nail Design

acrylic aquarium nail design


This aquarium nail design looks visually appealing because of the colours used. They might be different but they in a way represent the colours of the sea world. A touch of sparkle is always needed to make your design stand out. The seashells used are like the pearls to a chain, they make the over all design look fabulous.

Glitter Fish Nail Design Idea

glitter fish nail design idea


This design gives out an overall picture how the sea actually looks. The overall design is so radiating and dazzling. The sea green colour is perfect to go with the theme and overall this design looks magnificent to us.

Best Aquarium Nail Art

best aquarium nail art


This is different from rest of the nail art designs because of its simplicity. The orange and green looks perfect and they blend in perfectly too. The sparkle as always makes the nails look all the more dazzling. We love the design done onto the nail paint. Overall this design is very nice to look at.

Decorative Aquarium Nails

decorative aquarium nails


These nails look amazing. They are chic and totally up beat. It looks very pleasant to look at because of how well it decorated. It has a sparkle and glow to it. We absolutely love how neatly and nicely these nails are done.

Cool Nail Art for Almond Nails

cool nail art for almond nails


Black Glitter Nail Art

black glitter nail art


Aquarium Nail Art for Long Nails

aquarium nail art for long nails


Pink Color Hand Painted Nail Art

pink color hand painted nail art


Disney Nail Art Design

disney nail art design


Painting nails has always been in fashion but to try something different is trending now. These kinds of designs give out a radiating look and make your outfit look even better. Give these a try and flaunt your nails off.

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