As the trend of nail art designs is being taken into new heights, more and more nail art concepts have been introduced. Some are old concepts that have been reinvented, while some are unique and taken from nature. Seashell nails are one of the most popular nail art designs these days.

Just as the french tip nails are simple, the seashell nails are eleborate and usually bursting with colors and sparkles. So, if you are a bit tired of your regular painted nails, take a look at some of the best options for nail designs in seashell motif.

Seashell Toe Nail Art Idea

seashell toe nail art idea


Decorating and painting the toenails is also a very common practice these days. If you want to look summery from your head down to your toes, this seashell toenail art design with shells, crabs and starfish as decorative images, should be one of your choices.

Gold Seashell Nail Design

gold seashell nail design


Using golden mini seashell decorations is one good way to get the beachy look for your fingernails. This concept, for instance, creates a nice and shining set of nails in background designed with glitters and blue polish and decorated with the gold shells.

Seashell Gel Nails

seashell gel nails


Going for the classic handpainting nail art is a god way to stand out. This nail art set is composed of eight nails painted in peach colored gel polish with two nails in pink with hand painted seashells – it is simple and classic.

Glitter Seashell Nails

glitter seashell nails


Put some gold into your blue beach nail art concept and you can create a unique and amazing design. Take some tips from this set and use gold seashells, small pearl-like gems to decorate the blue shaded backgrounds and the golden and glittery nails.

Seashell Acrylic Nail Art Design

seashell acrylic nail art design


This acrylic nail art is designed with different shades of blue nail polish. The nails are designed in three different styles – one style is that of wavy images in two shades of blue, another style is of light blue shade with seashells and pearls, and the last one is light and dark blue with pearl and seashell.

Cool Seashell Nail Art

cool seashell nail art


This set features two more textured seashell contoured fingernails. The rest of the nails are designed in different shades of blue, shells and glitters.

Pink Seashell Nails

pink seashell nails


Pretty Seashell Nail Manicure

pretty seashell nail manicure


Awesome Seashell Nail Art

awesome seashell nail art


Blue Seashell Nails Design

blue seashell nails design


Lovely Seashell Nail Art

lovely seashell nail art


Rhinestone Seashell Nails

rhinestone seashell nails


Cute Seashell Nails Idea

cute seashell nails idea


Simple Seashell Nail Art

simple seashell nail art


Hand Painted Seashell Nail Art

handpainted seashell nail art


If you want to get that cool summery look for your hands and feet, your best bet is to go for a seashell nail art design. The samples given here are just some of the best options. You can go for glittery, handpainted, gel or acrylic nail designs. You can also add the decorative pieces of your choice.

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