Citrine earrings are a must-have accessory for any woman who loves birth gemstones. Wearing citrine flower earrings is an easy way for women to portray their style and they look elegant and feminine. While it is important to consider the occasion and face shape, citrine earrings are so versatile that there are designs that will complement your outfit. Whether you want a square or flower shape, this list has different citrine earring designs to suit your needs.

Antique Citrine Earrings

antique citrine earrings

These antique Citrine earrings will flatter women with an oval and heart face shapes. The blue crystals and gold glass teardrops will make it easier for ladies to match these citrine bohemian gypsy earrings with handbags, shoes or even nail color.

Citrine Stud Earrings

citrine stud earrings1

Every woman needs a pair of studs earrings because they look good on all face shapes. This citrine stud earring incorporates sterling silver metal and 1.8 carat gemstone weight to ensure that you are comfortable wearing this pair of earring every day.

Citrine Drop Earrings

citrine drop earrings

These beautiful citrine drop earrings will flatter women with round face shapes. Suitable for all women who have their birthdays in November; the Swarovski crystal gives this earring a modern look while the 14kt gold ensures durability and portrays elegance.

Crystal Citrine Earrings

crystal citrine earrings1

This yellow crystal citrine earring is a must have for any woman who loves unique gemstones. The alloy material in this earring prevents any skin reaction while the 18k metal purity ensures that you are buying a high-quality design.

Flower Citrine Earrings Design

flower citrine earrings design

Flower earrings help bring out a fun and feminine look to a woman’s face. The long length of these earrings will ensure that your face is the center of attention while the bold yellow citrine flower will make you look beautiful.

Citrine Teardrop Earrings

citrine teardrop earrings

If elegance and simplicity are what you need in a piece of accessory, then this cute citrine teardrop earring is for you. The sparkling pear shaped stone which is secured by fishhooks make these earrings suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

Vintage Citrine Earrings

vintage citrine earrings

These handmade vintage citrine earrings have a metal purity of 92.5. The sterling silver metal in this pair of elegant earrings makes them perfect for women of all ages. The simplicity of the color of this accessory will also bring a fun element to your outfit.

Citrine Hoop Earrings

citrine hoop earrings

Suitable for summer or a day at the beach, these cute citrine hoop earrings will flatter ladies with oval, heart and square face shapes. The seashell material represents the fun beach environment while citrine stone depicts prosperity and wealth.

Square Citrine Earrings Model

square citrine earrings model

These square citrine earrings are both elegant and chic. Suitable for all face shapes, the square citrine shape adds an element of creativity. You can wear citrine earrings to work, on a special date or even during a wedding.

Sterling Silver Citrine Earrings

sterling silver citrine earrings

These sterling silver citrine earrings will help you look good by complimenting your outfit. What’s unique about this jewelry is that you can also get it with a matching pendant. The yellow color of citrine will help your face stand out.

Silver Citrine Earring Design

silver citrine earring design1

Round Citrine Pearl Stud Earrings

round citrine pearl stud earrings1

Platinum Citrine Earrings

platinum citrine earrings1

Stone Citrine Earrings

stone citrine earrings


Insects Citrine Earrings

insects citrine earrings


Rose Gold Citrine Earrings

rose gold citrine earrings


Citrine earrings have a yellow color which can add variation to your work outfits. The trick to wearing these earrings in a professional environment is to opt for studs. Small Citrine hoops also add a subtle element without creating a dramatic appearance.

Women with diamond face shapes should opt for citrine earrings in the form of dangles or hoops as long as they have soft curves; while ladies with oval faces should go for a chandelier or citrine dangle earrings with elongated curves. Women with oval faces will look good with both cross earrings and bamboo earring designs.

Citrine earrings are ideal for women who want to show off their beautiful facial features as well as individual style. To further make a fashion statement, opt for bead earrings in either a colorful design or subtle color. Whatever citrine earring design you choose just to ensure it complements your outfit and face shape.

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