Old is gold, and antiquing is no longer the stereotyped past time of bored trophy housewives. It definitely takes a practiced eye for sourcing and recognizing items of value, from a piece of worn furniture or household item, to a clothing accessory or expensive jewelry.

The other great thing about antique items – particularly jewelry – is that they’re a reflection of just how heterogeneous lifestyles used to be, before globalization happened.So here’s a list of antique earring designs for you to do a bit of time-travelling on your own.

Antique Chandelier Earrings Design

antique chandelier earrings design


Ethnic Indian designs are simply stunning and marvelous.  The beauty of this set is particularly reflected in the intricate work around the body of the earrings, and the pearls at the end. These are best suited for a classy get-together, or perhaps a formal dinner. However, for a touch of bohemia, these will look great with a sleek long black coat and slacks.

Antique Stud Earrings

antique stud earrings


How very 50’s! That is, if you were particularly well off back then, and were able to throw private luncheons and charity galas for your circle. These would look great with pastel and ice-cream shades, such as pale pink and mango. As far as possible, try to avoid similar colors like turquoise and teal.

Vintage Pearl Earrings Idea

vintage pearl earrings idea


Pearl earrings needn’t be fussy little studs that don’t appeal to those with a loud, or even eclectic sense of fashion. This lovely pair is reminiscent of Renaissance fashion, when art and artistry seemed to have simultaneously become the second coming of man’s sense of beauty and ingenuity. Picture a well-to-do lady of the court in these, and you’re good to go.

Antique Clip on Earrings

antique clip on earrings

Earrings can be a chore to wear sometimes, and the longer they’re on, the more they can hurt, and even cause infections. If you’re going the traditional route with designs, these are some unfortunate pitfalls. However, this clip on pair promises to change all off that – mixing the antique with something modern and happily, pain-free.

Old Fashioned Crystal Drop Earrings

old fashioned crystal drop earrings


These crystal drop earrings are super flexible – whether for a day at the beach, a casual get together or a formal event. The dreamy teal offers a surprising depth to what would ordinarily be considered a flimsy, childish piece of jewelry.

Antique Emerald Earrings Design

antique emerald earrings design


Think traditional Hollywood vamps, or sexy feminine baddies in James Bond movies. The emerald shade is delicate, almost subdued and it’s a striking block color that will show them off well.

Antique Style Gold Earrings

antique style gold earrings


The Pintrest user who posted this claims this is influenced by the 19th century Russia – that is, during the Romanov dynasty’s rule. For all their shortcomings, the era certainly saw some beautiful designs emerge during their tenure. This bold gold filigree still manages to maintain a sort of innocence with its delicate whorls and inlaid large white gem.

Vintage Snowflake Earrings

vintage snowflake earrings

Like every snowflake, this pair is totally unique. They opt for a spring vibe while still maintaining a lovely ethereal design typical of a snowflake. And isn’t it great that these are gold and deep pink, as opposed to tried-and-tested silver? You may also see Wedding Earrings

Vintage 18kt Gold Studs

vintage 18kt gold studs


Beautiful Diamond Earrings Idea

beautiful diamond earrings idea


Unique Vintage Style Earrings

unique vintage style earrings


Rose Cut Diamond Studs

rose cut diamond studs


Antique Diamond Studs Design

antique diamond studs design


Awesome Earrings with Heart Drop

awesome earrings with heart drop


Simple Orange Drop Earrings

simple orange drop earrings


Unique Antique Earrings Set

unique antique earrings set


Sterling Silver Earrings Idea

sterling silver earrings idea1


Designer Jhumki Earrings Design

designer jhumki earrings design


Brass and Pearl Earrings Idea

brass and pearl earrings idea


And there you are, some great ideas for antique silver earrings. Don’t forget to send us your ideas, we’ll definitely take a look! Remember to honor traditions that are centuries old when you wear such jewelry, but at the same time, keep in mind that something new can’t hurt too much!

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