Crystal jewelry designs are very popular because they result in accessories that are stunning and enchanting. Shimmery and sparkling, they are the best options for wedding jewelry pieces. Of course, there is crystal in different colors too. They are great as fashion pieces. And you can choose the color you prefer based on your favorite color or your birth stone. With crystals, it is possible to own beautiful jewelry pieces without breaking the bank.

Crystal Bridal Jewelry Design

crystal bridal jewelry design

This set of bridal jewelry is composed of a necklace and a matching pair of earrings. The pieces are made of cubic zirconia crystals that look like real diamonds and silver metal that looks like platinum. Each crystal is sparkly, shimmering and clear. The necklace design has round cut crystals with the biggest one as an attached pendant.

Antique Crystal Jewelry

antique crystal jewelry

This antique crystal jewelry in multiple colors has that enchanting rustic and gypsy feel. It is the best jewelry piece for beach adventures. The big green stone in the middle acts as the leader to the rest of the blue, green and gray crystals. The thin rope that holds all the crystals complete the gypsy look.

Crystal Rhinestone Jewelry

crystal rhinestone jewelry

The beauty of Rhinestone is perfectly explored in this bridal necklace and earring set. The necklace is very classic and perfect for a woman who loves traditional jewelry designs. It is flashy but in a very chic manner.

Crystal Rose Jewelry

crystal rose jewelry

This crystal amulet speaks power. The Obsidian has that unique sheen that represents the power of the volcano that it came from. The red metal that surrounds adds fiery feel into the design.
This handmade crystal necklace has a mesmerizing blue stone that acts like the magnificent moon. It is then accented by metal designed as the tree of life. The result is a stunning piece of jewelry that anyone would be proud to wear.

Citrine Crystal Jewelry

citrine crystal jewelry

Citrine crystal is beautiful, whether raw or polished. This necklace has the raw kind and it is accented by silver plated chain. This November birthstone also represents wealth, success and abundance.

Crystal Bead Jewelry

crystal bead jewelry

This classic crystal bracelet is a nice piece composed of wire-wrapped crystals in neutral colors. The simplicity of the design makes it a very pretty accessory that can go along well with casual and semi-formal attire.

Blue Crystal Jewelry

blue crystal jewelry

Swarovski Crystals Jewelry

swarovski crystals jewelry

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