Geometric shape necklaces are in trend now. The handmade, Do It Yourself cubic beads necklaces are in trend now as they are affordable. The cube design necklaces in beads-silver and gold finish are in vogue as they match with every outfit and neckline. The cube design necklaces which are DIY (Do It Yourself) are pretty cool and can be worn as prom necklace. Pick one for yourself and look pretty.

Gold Cube Necklace

Gold Cube Necklace Source

This elegant gold-finished necklace with cube design pendant from amejewels is already a big hit with many young girls and office going women. As the geometric cube design pendant matches any outfit, this can be worn on any outfit. You may also see Gothic Necklace Designs

Swarovski Crystal Cube Necklace

Swarovski Crystal Cube Necklace Source

This bright and colorful crystal cubes necklace with different colored Swarovski cube beads and gold plated spacers. This is a 16″ handmade necklace. As this beautiful necklace has multi colors in it,this necklace best suits young girls and college going girls.

Cube pendant Necklace

Cube pendant Necklace Source

Look elegant in this gorgeous gold plated silver necklace with gold plated silver cube. This elegant cube pendant necklace makes  workwear look more polished. This gold cube necklace goes well with the work wear and gives a more dignified look.

Hollow Cube Necklace

Hollow Cube Necklace Source

This beautiful silver necklace with hollow geometric cage pendant looks elegant . The hollow cube is encased with a diamond-cut glass gem. This beautiful pendant gives the sterling silver necklace a unique look. This 18″ necklace goes well with any outfit and age is not a factor for this necklace especially.

Crystal Cube Pendant Necklace

Crystal Cube Pendant Necklace Source

This handmade 14k gold and 925 diamond cut silver chain with Swarovski crystal rainbow cube pendant is utterly beautiful. This beautiful cube pendant necklace is a minimalist one and so suits any outfit. This beautiful cube pendant necklace will make any girl or woman beautiful with its charm.

Silver Cube Necklace

Silver Cube Necklace Source

Look utterly simple yet elegant with this sterling silver necklace and silver cube pendant. This beautiful necklace matches any kind of outfits and gives a classy look to the outfit. This can be worn by girls or women of any age to work, as a prom necklace, or to college.

Beautiful Cube Necklace Design

Beautiful Cube Necklace Design Source

Look utterly stylish in this coral branches, turquoise beads and lava cubes clasped with a gunmetal finish chain. This handmade trendy necklace can be worn as a prom necklace. The beautiful combination of colors makes it a statement necklace which goes well with a simple and plain outfit.

Brass Cube Necklace

Brass Cube Necklace Source

This beautiful gold geometric necklace with three tiny gold cubes is a beauty by itself. This handmade gold filled chain and brass cubes necklace is a very good match any party wear outfit. As the necklace has a vintage look, young girls can wear it as a prom necklace.

White Gold Cube Necklace

White Gold Cube Necklace Source

This delicate yet beautiful 14 k white gold, yellow gold and rose gold necklace with a beautiful stone caged in a cube is a delight to look at. This beautiful necklace is a good match to any outfit and can be worn any girl or woman irrespective of age.

Beaded Cube Necklace

Beaded Cube Necklace Source

This colorful cube bead necklace with silver colored spacers is a beauty in itself. This beautiful necklace will brighten any outfit and suits women and girls of any age group. You may also see Minimal Necklace Designs

Vintage Style Cube Necklace

Vintage Style Cube Necklace Source

Pearl and Cube Necklace

Pearl and Cube Necklace Source

Handcrafted Aluminium Cube Necklace

Handcrafted Aluminium Cube Necklace Source

Wooden Beads Cube Necklace

Wooden Beads Cube Necklace Source

Handmade Cube Necklace Design

Handmade Cube Necklace Design Source

Geometric Cube Necklace Idea

Geometric Cube Necklace Idea Source

Unique Cube Necklace

Unique Cube Necklace Source

Watermelon Cube Pendant Necklace

Watermelon Cube Pendant Necklace Source

Polymer Clay Cube Necklace

Polymer Clay Cube Necklace Source

Blue Cube Pendant Necklace

Blue Cube Pendant Necklace Source

Awesome Cube Necklace Design

Awesome Cube Necklace Design Source

These beautiful cube design necklaces are in trend now. The geometric designs always give a sophisticated look to the outfit. The cube beads necklaces are bright, colorful, affordable. These cube beads are easily available in any local stores and are Do It Yourself(DIY) jewelry. The cube design pendants with simple chains are minimalistic jewelry with sophistication and can be a very good work wear.

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