Pearls symbolize the best human characters like purity, charity, honesty, wisdom and integrity. Women wear pearl necklace because pearls highlight their femininity. A pearl necklace is a classic piece of jewelry that works for almost any occasion. Also, see Prom Necklace.

Pearl Choker Necklace Model

pearl choker necklace model

We are so excited about this piece. This is a must-have necklace. All types of the choker necklace are ultra-trendy this season. Here we have one big pearl in the center, next to white sparkling crystals. We love this combo of the big and small pearl. One is for sure if you want the luxury look, get some pearl choker necklace like this.

Multi Strand Pearl Necklace

multi strand pearl necklace

The multi-strand pearl necklace is always a great choice when you go out. We particularly recommend those necklaces in a form of a choker necklace. Pair it with off shoulder dress and you will be a queen of the night.

Leather Pearl Necklace Design

leather pearl necklace design

Look at this divine necklace. Now, you can wear pearl necklace like this without looking too old-fashioned. You must admit that the combo of leather and cute white pearls are extraordinary. Therefore, if you like the original look pair it with dresses in bohemian style and you will get that extra edge.

Floating Pearl Necklace

floating pearl necklace

Heavenly pearls like these are called the ‘teardrops of the moon’. Do you believe in that? When we look at this necklace, we do! Just try out Fabric Necklace, too.

Traditional Pearl Necklace Design

traditional pearl necklace design

We love this twisted design pendant with a cultured freshwater pearl and black diamond. It looks attractive and innocent at the same time. You may consider this pearl necklace as a wedding gift because of the stone’s significance of purity and innocence.

Multi Color Pearl Necklace

multicolor pearl necklace

What is your favorite color of the pearl? If you can’t make your mind which color you like the most, this multicolor pearl necklace is for you. As we said before, each color has certain symbolic meaning. Pink and rose are the colors of love, gold pearls mean wealth and white reflect innocence. All those spiritual meanings you have in just one necklace! Isn’t that cool?

Handmade Single Pearl Necklace

handmade single pearl necklace

Pearl Chunky Statement Necklace

pearl chunky statement necklace

Fresh Water Pearls Necklace

fresh water pearls necklace

Cultured Pearl Stone Necklace

cultured pearl stone necklace

White Pearl Beads Necklace

white pearl beads necklace

Yellow Gold Pearl Necklace

yellow gold pearl necklace

In the last two seasons, one of the best pearl styles is to wear multiple layers of pearls. However, to get the layering effect, mix together different pearl sizes and lengths. Whether you choose cultured pearls or faux, one thing is for sure that with them around your neck, you will conquer the world.

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