In various cultures and traditions around the world there is a significance of jewellery. Jewellery has been an essential part of our everyday life, especially for women. Gradually it has become representational as well. It indicates social rank, wealth and at times power. Looking to explore the contemporary and classy jewellery market? Why not try diamond necklace designs that have become trendy in the last few years? Buying high-quality jewelleries nowadays is just a matter of few mouse clicks! You may also see Butterfly Necklace Designs

This rose necklace is handmade using Czech beads, threads and clasp. It does not necessitate any particular care. With an appealing style, this necklace is just eye-catching. This fabulous piece of jewellery will look beautiful on you and can be worn during vacations.

Rose Bib Necklace

rose bib necklace

This Blue Roses Bib Necklacedraws out the deeply held feelings for color and romance and zest for life. This bib necklace sports a perfect classy look with a perfect statement finish. The blooming blue roses and layered metal fringe take the design to another level. You may also see Leaf Necklace Designs

Black Rose Necklace Design

black rose necklace design

This woman’s pearl cool black rose flower, leaf necklace comes with a earrings Set. It looks spectacular and makes a bold statement in casual wear and also looks equally gorgeous with a dinner dress along with the earrings. You can wear it to any event be it an anniversary, wedding, Valentine’s Day or a birthday party.

This silver toned roses choker necklace is handmade and made of mixed metals, a perfect example that proves all classy things are not costly. It adds the perfect touch for your favourite jeans or floral patterned tops. Moreover the length of this is adjustable in two ways.

Crystal Rose Necklace

crystal rose necklace

This floral bridal wedding necklace takes jewellery designing to a whole new level. It is produced using good quality Swarovski crystals and comes with a crystal finish. The design goes with both vintage and modern styling. You can wear it the way you want to.

Coral Rose Necklace Design

coral rose necklace design

This Pink Coral Carved Rose Flower Pendant can be an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and other occasions to your loved ones. It has a 30MM simulated pink coral with an 18 Inch silver Chain. It also comes with a complimentary gift packaging.

This gold rose pendant is hand forged with 18k gold and 18k green gold, capturing every delicate petal. The rose is beautifully crafted with 18K gold keeping the details in mind. And it hangs from a small leaf shaped bail crafted with 18k green gold. You can purchase this pendant with or without the gold chain. Moreover the owner also promises free shipping.

Rose Petal Necklace

rose petal necklace

This Beauty and the Beast themed enamel rose pendant as an amazing piece of craft and comes with moving petals, the petals are separable and movable. It is attached with a 14k yellow gold plated twist cord chain. This necklace is approximately 28″ long and if you turn the pendant over, you will find the inspirational quote ‘Beauty Lies Within’.

Rose Pearl Necklace Model

rose pearl necklace model

This Rose Pearl necklace is a prime example of beauty, nothing can be more appropriate as gift to a lady than this beauty. The round cream-colored pearls with sparkling shades of pink and green exhibit perfect Y style drop along with the sophisticated roses. Don’t miss your opportunity and grab this enchanting piece of jewel!

This handmade soft peach necklace is one of a kind original. The three roses and the ‘’Bless your Heart’’ quote are attached to the chain with lobster clasps. This design is contemporary and looks extremely trend. It is 16″ – 18″ in length and adjustable down on special request. You may also see Fabric Necklace Designs

Cute Rose Necklace Design

cute rose necklace design

Rose Heart Pendant Necklace

rose heart pendant necklace

Pink Rose Necklace Idea

pink rose necklace idea

Elegant Rose Necklace Design

elegant rose necklace design

Crystal Rose Pendant Necklace

crystal rose pendant necklace

Red Rose Necklace Design

red rose necklace design

Unique Rose Pendant Necklace

unique rose pendant necklace

Cool Rose Necklace Design

cool rose necklace design

Rose Cluster Pendant Necklace

rose cluster pendant necklace

Nowadays choker necklace design is becoming more popular day by day. Historically associated with high fashion, it was earlier common among the upper class people. But since the late 1990s, chokers have become extremely popular among women folks. This type of necklaces can be made using a variety of materials such as gold, silver, platinum or even plastic and leather.

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