Diamonds have been a woman’s best friend since time immemorial; meant to be a display of beauty. Diamond jewelry, ranging from the tiniest diamond to the biggest one, once worn will accentuate everything that a woman is. Even the most ordinary outfits transform into a fabulous couture when adorned with a diamond necklace. Be it a minimalistic design, which is very much in trend today, or a bold necklace; here’s some inspiration to choose from for your first (or nth) beautiful diamond necklace.

Solitaire Diamond Necklace Design

This timeless design is perfect for everyday wear. Pair it up with a chic blouse and skirt or a pair of trousers. This minimalistic solitaire in the form of a choker will add to your feminine charm.

Diamond Pendant Necklace

The necklace is so named because of the way the center diamond in the pendant continuously moves creating a pattern like its moving with the beat of your heart. The dainty patented mechanism not only makes this a keeper but because it catches light shining brilliantly; it is an absolute must for a sober evening-wear. You may also See Lace Necklace Designs

Uncut Diamond Necklace Design

This vintage 22ct uncut diamond necklace crafted in gold gives a touch of drama to your outfit. Best suited for Indian wear and party occasions; this vintage diamond necklace would complement shades of pink or green wonderfully. Stand out from the crowd with this statement necklace and you will see everyone wishing they had this necklace to pair with their dresses.

Bridal Diamond Necklace Design

Layer these two minimalistic diamond pendants on silver filigree chain with formal wear for a work event or with a dress for that special evening dinner and turn heads everywhere you go. This fresh design has classic roots that will give you a feeling of decadence.

Diamond String Necklace

This design is classic and minimalistic that will put a smile on your face. Making this a perfect piece that can be worn every day. It can be worn alone or you can pair it with other delicate chains to complete the look for a party. The string of diamonds adds sophistication to the design. You may also See Prom Necklaces

Long Diamond Necklace Model

Available in several colors, this necklace can be worn as a choker or as a long chain with a maxi-dress for that special night out. If you have a love for gemstones and diamonds, this one is definitely for you!

Diamond and Ruby Necklace Design

With a design that takes you back to the Victorian era, this necklace made of solid Rose Gold with a Ruby tassel finish is a lovely vintage collectible. Pair it with a low neckline dress to accentuate your radiance with the rubies.

Diamond Drop Necklace Design

This gorgeous lightweight diamond necklace is best worn as a choker to highlight the diamond drops in the design. It is a unique necklace that can be worn for work or a formal occasion to add just a hint of dazzle to the ensemble. It is also a perfect gift if you are looking for one.

Emerald Diamond Necklace Design

This design is classic heirloom material as it has an antique feel to it! It is perfect for the beautiful white wedding dresses or it can be paired with a dress for a special occasion. You can never go wrong when Emeralds are involved.

Traditional Diamond Necklace Model

This teardrop necklace is every bride’s dream wedding jewelry. The dramatic Cubic Zirconia stone is the star of the design giving the otherwise simple wedding attire, the dazzle that the occasion warrants. The design screams sophistication although the overlay of the necklace is simple.

Cubic Diamond Pendant Necklace

Single Diamond necklace

Genuine Diamond Necklace Design

Gold Diamond Floral Necklace

Layered Diamond Necklace

Diamonds and Kundan Diamond Necklace

Diamond Bow Necklace Set

We feel that they are all eye-catching choices which are definitely nothing less than perfect. Nothing creates more impact than a piece of diamond jewelry; more so than a diamond necklace that is all the raging trend these days. Life is too short; go ahead and treat yourself to some beautiful diamond necklaces!

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