Diamonds have been a woman’s best friend since time immemorial; meant to be a display of beauty. Diamond jewelry, ranging from the tiniest diamond to the biggest one, once worn will accentuate everything that a woman is. Even the most ordinary outfits transform into a fabulous couture when adorned with a diamond necklace. Be it a minimalistic design, which is very much in trend today, or a bold necklace; here’s some inspiration to choose from for your first (or nth) beautiful diamond necklace.

Uncut Diamond Necklace Design

uncut diamond necklace design

This vintage 22ct uncut diamond necklace crafted in gold gives a touch of drama to your outfit. Best suited for Indian wear and party occasions; this vintage diamond necklace would complement shades of pink or green wonderfully. Stand out from the crowd with this statement necklace and you will see everyone wishing they had this necklace to pair with their dresses.

Long Diamond Necklace Model

long diamond necklace model

Available in several colors, this necklace can be worn as a choker or as a long chain with a maxi-dress for that special night out. If you have a love for gemstones and diamonds, this one is definitely for you!

Emerald Diamond Necklace Design

emerald diamond necklace design

This design is classic heirloom material as it has an antique feel to it! It is perfect for the beautiful white wedding dresses or it can be paired with a dress for a special occasion. You can never go wrong when Emeralds are involved.

Cubic Diamond Pendant Necklace

cubic diamond pendant necklace


Genuine Diamond Necklace Design

genuine diamond necklace design

Gold Diamond Floral Necklace

gold diamond floral necklace

Layered Diamond Necklace

layered diamond necklace

Diamonds and Kundan Diamond Necklace

diamonds and kundan diamond necklace

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