While watching scary movies, the skull face has been a constant where it freaks all of us out. We never thought the freaky, scary skull face could be used more than just an element of a freak show.

It was only when we went through social media that we found that skull face was used to make wonderful necklace design and we must say we were so impressed that we decided to bring it to your notice.

Sugar Skull Necklace

The skull pendant looks very funky and colorful. The different colors used make it look so dynamic and appealing. The skull is attached to a wonderful chain with blue beads that compliment the whole skull pendant perfectly. This should be worn as a chocker so people can notice the skull and the chain.

Bird Skull Necklace Design

There are few designs that come under gothic necklaces and this particular skull design fits into the bracket perfectly. It is a silver plated alloy raven bird skull design that looks very realistic and stunning to look at.

Skull Bling Necklace

If anything has to come under the diamond jewelry category then this fits in perfectly. It is bling and perfectly glamorous to look at. The studs in the skull are radiating and making it look like a stunner.

Skull Choker Necklace

For all of you who don’t want the skull design to stand out too much, this should be ‘the’ one for you. The skull is barely noticeable. It is hidden between the red beads and studded rings. But they all blend in and compliment each other perfectly well to form the pretty chocker necklace.

Layered Skull Necklace

It is time to try something elegant and classy, the skull necklace for a part, surprising right? This layered skull necklace looks very different and unique. It has an antique and rustic touch to it that makes it even more chic to wear. Wear it on a special occasion and keep everyone stunned with the beauty of the necklace.

Leather Skull Necklace

This is a small simple design that we see quite often. It is just another leather chain with a skull pendant attached to it. The skull is the forms of a danger symbol that we seen before anything dangerous.

Animal Skull Necklace Model

There are some necklaces that look different and stand out completely and the deer antler skull necklace is exactly that. It is a chocker necklace with the skull that looks like a nice deer rather than a skull. The design like said before is very unique, hence it is a must buy and worth flaunting off.

Skull Rhinestone Necklace

This is definitely a statement necklace. The rhinestones are glowing and shouting out ‘pure elegance’ from every angle. The skulls present in the necklace look so classy and nice. You will look like a complete fashionista with a wonderful necklace like this.

Skull Bead Necklace

This is a very casual necklace that you could wear over a top or a long beach dress. It has multiple beads and the bull skull pendant attached to it. The colors on the pendant are beautiful and give out a very different vibe all together.

Vintage Skull Necklace

An antique jewelry is definitely worth showing off especially if it has a golden touch to it. The chain looks sleek and lustrous. The deer antler skull makes a gorgeous pendant and overall if you team this with a beautiful black gown, it is just going to look marvelous.

Skull Rainbow Necklace

Tiny Skull Necklace

Silver Skull Necklace

Sterling Silver Skull Skull Necklace

Stainless Steel Skull Necklace

Multi Color Skull Necklace

Crystal Skull Necklace

Gold Skull Necklace

After seeing all the nice designs here, there is no way the skulls are going to scare us anymore. Next time we see a skull, you can just think about how it will look good on necklace. These designs in a meanwhile are a must buy.

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