Buttons when stuck together creatively through wires, threads and ribbons make beautiful trendy necklaces. Buttons are available in numerous colors, shapes, and designs. If you love decorating your dresses with buttons you would definitely have some beautiful unused buttons lying around. You can use these extra buttons to make attractive button necklaces with simple DIY (do it yourself) ideas. A button necklaces are easy to make and are quite a style statement. You may also see DIY Necklace Designs

If you love crochet than making a crochet button necklace will definitely catch your fancy. You can knit simple crochet borders around fabric buttons and then stitch them together to make a necklace. You just have to choose the colors wisely. You can also combine simple crochet florets with wooden buttons and beads to make a crochet button necklace.

Vintage Button Necklace Design

vintage button necklace design

Vintage Buttons with beautiful floral patterns, stones and carved designs are usually heavy. You can wear these buttons as a single pendant with a metallic chain or ribbon. Lighter brass buttons can be put together with chain, thread or matching ribbon to make an attractive necklace. You may also see Fabric Necklace Designs

Plastic Button Necklace

plastic button necklace

Because of their light weight, plastic buttons can be used in various different patterns to make trendy necklaces. You can stick them together with metallic chains, wire, thread or ribbon to make beautiful necklaces. Plastic buttons can be stuck together to make beautiful chokers. You can use buttons of similar shape, size and colour or a collage of different buttons.

Button Bib Necklace

button bib necklace

You can use colorful buttons to make amazing button bib necklaces. Just select the buttons you want to use, plan and sketch your design on your bib necklace surface and stick the buttons together. You can use ribbons to make it a tie up design or use metallic chain.

Fabric Button Necklace

fabric button necklace1

Fabric buttons have their own charm. There is no limit to their colors, patterns, and designs. Carefully selected fabric buttons with patterns complimenting each other can be a feast for eyes. You can simply stick them together with threads and use chain or ribbons to complete the design.

Handmade Button Necklace

handmade button necklace

Handmade buttons are buttons made of cloth, crochet, wooden buttons, and shells. Sometimes buttons are also painted to suit the dress or design. If you like any of these you can use these handmade buttons to make a unique neck piece for yourself.

Button Pearl Necklace

button pearl necklace

Stick your button pearls together to make a stunning button necklace. You can put them together in a single pearl chain or tie them together with a thread. You can also use a metallic chain to connect your button pearls. You can use them to make a choker or a bib necklace as well.

Beads and Button Necklace

beads and button necklace

It is not important that you only use your buttons to make a necklace. You can use matching beads to complement your buttons and create magical designs. You may also see Handmade Necklace Designs

Pretty Button Necklace Design

pretty button necklace design

Gold Button Pendant Necklace

gold button pendant necklace

Awesome Button Necklace Idea

awesome button necklace idea

Blue Button Necklace Design

blue button necklace design

Buttons have always been a part of styling but with these trendy designs, they have become a must-have for every woman. It is a piece of jewellery which can be made at home following simple DIY ideas. But these creative ensembles are no less than their precious counterparts. These statement necklaces can really make heads turn.

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