Mandalas have become very popular in current popular culture, and are used in designs for tattoos, tops, dresses, and even jewellery. This list puts together some of the best pieces of mandala jewellery, specifically necklaces, to help you find the perfect mandala necklace to add to your wardrobe. These necklaces are statements necklaces and add to any outfit to make you stand out from the crowd. We are confident that this list will help you find the best necklace for your wardrobe. You may also see Prom Necklace Designs

Beaded Mandala Necklace

beaded mandala necklace

This beaded mandala necklace uses small white, grey, brown, and yellow beads to create this beautiful and intricate pendant design for this necklace. It is the perfect bold necklace to add to a day outfit or a night outfit, as it is a very versatile design. You may also see Handmade Necklace Designs

Silver Mandala Necklace Design

silver mandala necklace design

This mandala necklace is a simple silver mandala with a green stone in the centre that mimics an emerald. This is a long hanging necklace and is perfect for a day or night outfit to act as a statement necklace.

Crochet Mandala Necklace

crochet mandala necklace

This mandala necklace crochets three stones with mandalas painted onto them into a choker necklace style. This necklace is a more simple design, but is also a statement necklace for any occasion.

Mandala Double Chain Necklace

mandala double chain necklace

This mandala necklace is a very intricately designed pendant in gold, with a double chain. This design is very striking and adds elegance to an evening outfit. It is also perfect as a gift, as it is a very beautiful necklace design.

Mandala Pendant Necklace

mandala pendant necklace

This mandala pendant is the outlining of a mandala in silver and is a beautiful mandala design on a long hanging chain. This makes it perfect to accessorise a casual outfit, but also to add to an evening outfit.

Gold Mandala Necklace Model

gold mandala necklace model

This mandala is also an intricate gold mandala design but also has an extra gold embellishment to add to the necklace. This long hanging mandala necklace is an ideal gift and can accessorise any style of outfit at any time of day.

Mandala Choker Necklace

mandala choker necklace

This mandala choker necklace mimics the design of a dream catcher to create this beautiful design. This design is perfect for a more alternative outfit, or to use as a decoration.

Mandala Hand Necklace

mandala hand necklace

This mandala necklace is a wooden painted pendant on a silver chain. It is a simple red, white, green, and yellow design, which is ideal for accessorising a simple daytime outfit.

Wooden Mandala Necklace

wooden mandala necklace

This wooden mandala necklace is an intricate wooden carved necklace in the style of a mandala. This design is a stunning necklace that is perfect as a personal gift, and can accessorise many different styles of outfits.

Leather Mandala Necklace

leather mandala necklace

Beautiful Mandala Necklace Design

beautiful mandala necklace design

Mandala Flower Necklace

mandala flower necklace


Classy Mandala Necklace Design

classy mandala necklace design


Geometric Mandala Necklace

geometric mandala necklace


Cute Mandala Necklace Idea

cute mandala necklace idea


Handmade Mandala Necklace

handmade mandala necklace


This list has a wide range of mandala necklaces, from long hanging necklaces to choker necklaces. We hope that we have helped you find the right mandala necklace for you, to inspire your style choices and to add to your wardrobe in order to complete any and all of your outfits.

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