Necklaces are items of jewelry that are worn around the neck by both men and women in cultures around the world for intentions of decoration and social status. In the modern age, a range of new metals is used for necklaces. Geometric patterns bring liveliness and vibrancy to the designs of the necklaces.

They add elegance and style to the necklaces. A Statement necklace which is unique comes in a number of styles from metallic necklace to multicolored neck pieces.

Wooden Geometric Necklace

wooden geometric necklace

This geometric wooden bead necklace is multicolored. It is created from hand painted 15 mm wood beads which have been sealed to maintain the color. The strung beads are with a lobster clasp. This necklace is nickel and lead-free. This necklace is ideal for those who want to wear the necklace on a t-shirt because it can make any plain t-shirt stylish.

Geometric Statement Necklace

geometric statement necklace

This necklace containing diamond shaped pendant is thick, and only one of its kind. It is intended to be the defining part of your outfit. It spices up your outfit. This trendy necklace is made from diamond. The material used is cubic zirconia. It is 18k gold plated manufactured in China.

Geometric Bead Necklace

geometric bead necklace

This fashion necklace contains teal beads. It has geometric designs on its snake chain. It is silver plated. Its chain has an extra 4-inch chain if you want it to hang further. It is ideal for those who want geometric designs on a snake chain.

This is a unique Pyramids necklace contains two overlapped triangles that are hanged from both sides on a double chain. The pendant is made of premium 24K gold plated over stainless steel. This necklace which looks a lot like the cloudy sky is marvelous and beautiful. It is ideal for those who want necklace containing triangle shaped pendant.

Tribal Geometric Necklace

tribal geometric necklace1

This beautiful handmade necklace is very attractive and light weight. It looks like an expensive necklace. It is ideal for those who want to wear an expensive looking necklace at a cheap price.

Tiered Geometric Necklace

tiered geometric necklace

This is a three layered necklace containing layers of semi-precious Turquoise and Red Jasper cube beads. It is thick, modern and geometric. The smaller Jasper beads are 4mm, and the larger beads are 6mm. The Red Jasper beads vary from dark red to a lighter brick red and show attractive natural markings. They contrast brilliantly with the bright tone of the Turquoise beads. Each bead has been separately wire wrapped manually, and the three layers merge onto a single strand of Rhodium plated chain, closing with a Rhodium plated clasp. The length of the necklace is 22 inches. It is ideal for those who want a necklace with beads.

Geometric Embroidered Necklace

geometric embroidered necklace

This unique necklace represents the simple beauty of a diamond outline stitched using anti-fade cotton floss to a gorgeous vintage flower fabric background. The diamond is set in a round antique brass setting and suspends on a 17″ black metal chain. This necklace is ideal for those who want a necklace for everyday wear.

Floral Geometric Necklace

floral geometric necklace

The finish on the necklace is antique gold color. The stones of the necklace are marquise shaped clear, and light green cabochons. It is ideal for those who want a necklace of carbuchons (gem stones).

Geometric Choker Necklace

geometric choker necklace

This necklace is made of fabric material. It is ideal for Women who want a necklace for special occasions. This necklace will add elegance to your outfit. It consists of lobster clasp providing easy on and off.

Retro Geometric Necklace

retro geometric necklace

This geometric plastic Retro Disco Mod necklace is made from two-tone plastic beads. The length of the biggest triangle is 6 cm and that of the smallest triangle is 5 cm. It is perfect for those who want a plastic bead necklace.

Black and White Geometric Necklace

black and white geometric necklace

Modern Geometric Necklace Idea

modern geometric necklace idea

Geometric Black Necklace

geometric black necklace

Gold Geometric Necklace

gold geometric necklace

Squares Gold Geometric Necklace

squares gold geometric necklace

3D Architectural Geometric Necklace

3d architectural geometric necklace

Crystal and Gold Geometric Necklace

crystal and gold geometric necklace

Wood Geometric Necklace

wood geometric necklace

There are a variety of geometric necklaces which contain different shapes such as triangle and diamond. The geometric patterns in necklaces add shapes which enhance the beauty of the necklace and make it unique. The choker necklace has a glossy finish and can be used to wear at special occasions. You can choose which necklace suits you best according to your requirements like color, shape, and size.

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