What comes to your mind when we say eagle? What if we tell you that the eagle can be more than just a bird, it can also be a beautiful art or a piece of jewelry that adds a bit of funkiness to your outfit. The eagle jewelry design undoubtedly looks elegant just like the bird. There are some designs that look absolutely simple to wear with your casual outfits and there are some that are vintage and elegant that can be worn with a nice long gown for a party. The contrast of these two is what we found for you over the Internet and here are some of them for you to fall in love with. You may also See Dragonfly Jewelry

Eagle Claw Jewelry Design

eagle claw jewelry design

The claws of an eagle are holding to the beautifully designed and the very elegant turquoise pendant. The claws of the eagle look sharp and done with so much accuracy with a lot of intricate work involved. This is a very unique design that will grab attention instantly.

Eagle Feather Jewelry

eagle feather jewelry

There is no eagle in this design but there sure are elegantly designed eagle feather that make the earrings look flawless. The oxidized earrings are danglers so make sure you tie up your hair to flaunt these away and the combination of the long and short feather on each earring is stunningly gorgeous to look at.

Eagle Eye Jewelry

eagle eye jewelry1

This ring reminds us of the famous Harry Potter movie. The eye of the eagle in the middle looks ferocious and very sharp and well designed. The eye that hits perfection with its fine detailing and the wings to give it an extra effect, this is the best design we have seen.

Sterling Silver Eagle Jewelry

sterling silver eagle jewelry

When an eagle is catching its prey, it stoops as low as it can and that’s when you can get a greater view of the eagle. This Tribal jewelry has captured the stooping of an eagle perfectly. It is made out of silver and looks elegant.

Vintage Eagle Jewelry

vintage eagle jewelry

We have seen a lot of eagle design worn by the Egyptians. They look elegant and very radiating. This is another fine antique jewelry that takes us back in time. The eagle will gracefully cover up most of your neck and that will make you and your neck look stunning. Wear this during your special occasion with a beautiful plunge dress.

Eagle Head Jewelry Design

eagle head jewelry design

This is more on the casual side where you could wear it with your ever-comfortable jeans and top or just a short dress. It has the head of the eagle carved into a stone pendant to make it look rustic and alluring.

Eagle Wings Jewelry

eagle wings jewelry

This is a coin pendant with the eagle engraved on it. The eagle looks very different from the other designs we have seen. The eagle here has rage and is designed very charismatically. The coin adds an elegant appeal to the overall design.

Eagle Jewelry For Men

eagle jewelry for men

This looks like the perfect piece of Sea Glass Jewelry. The graceful eagle covers the wonderful turquoise stone by wrapping it around with its feather. It looks like the eagle is protecting the stone. This ring is chic, classy and unique.

Silver Eagle Turquoise Ring

silver eagle turquoise ring1

Gold Plated Eagle Pendant Necklace

gold plated eagle pendant necklace

Eagle Pendant Titanium Necklace

eagle pendant titanium necklace1

Eagle Pendant Locket

eagle pendant locket

Silver Flying Eagle Pendant

silver flying eagle pendant1

Small Eagle Jewelry

small eagle jewelry

Charm Eagle Necklace

charm eagle necklace

Vintage Etched Eagle Bird Pendant

vintage etched eagle bird pendant1

We love the animal themed jewelry design because we have all come across these animals at some point and to carve them into a jewelry design can be such a tedious job but each design is carved with perfection.

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