Pendant designs are something every lady adores, weather it is homemade design for housewife or crafted by master artist for business women. When you are wearing a pendant, you can be dressed casually without the worry of being overdressed for a party or shopping.

Same thing applies, if you are getting dressed for a full-fledged hard party and wearing a priceless pendant, which will attract a lot of attention. Therefore, pendants are the nicest thing you can chose from a jeweler’s shop window.

Gold Heart Pendant Design

gold heart pendant design


This is full gold and thick pedant. The chain is crafted perfectly as well. Gold color makes it perfect for almost every occasion and simplicity of this design makes it real McCoy in the world of simple, but expensive necklace. Don’t miss Wire Jewelry Designs.

Heart Pendant Bracelet

heart pendant bracelet

The teal glass pearl is the best for any bracelet. When you use teal Czech glass pearls with sparkling rhinestone spacers, you have reached your goal that strives for inexpensive, but cute.

All depends on the shape of the pendant, but here is our No. 1 for any private collection. The one we personally worship is the heart shaped pendant. Heart shaped pendants send a simple message of love.

Antique Heart Pendant Chain

antique heart pendant chain

Bestowing it on someone you love and care about will be a perfect thing to do. Without being too gaudy, this kind of design will make things happen in a positive direction. There is nothing else to say, but to love this beauty.

This is not real emerald, but great replica made of colored stones. It shines as you haven’t seen it before and will make certain influence of your interviewee for sure. Best you can do is to pair it with white shirt and jeans or black trousers.

Beads Heart Pendant Idea

beads heart pendant idea


Two hearts in one just made a statement. This is for two birdies in love and to their memory and reflection of nice feelings and thoughts. One part of this item is spiraled down in Fibonacci matter, which gives it an extra meaning to the precision of craftsmanship.

Heart Pendant Chain

heart pendant chain


Gold pendants never go out of style, but this homemade design is simply astonishing. Trust us when we say it, this is perfect thing which can go from a mother to the daughter.

Diamond Heart Pendant Design

diamond heart pendant design


This futuristic design goes extra mile when modern, expensive and brilliant things are in question. Do not question us, just look at this magnificent piece of work. Makes you wish to buy one and wear it forever as any other is just plain simple.

Heart Pendant Earrings

heart pendant earrings

If you don’t have pierced ears this is something you should consider buying. Clips on earrings will do the job for any occasion. Easy on, easy off. No matter you are going for a picnic or to the office, these little cuties will do the job as any Boho style is supposed to do.

Emerald Heart Pendant

emerald heart pendant

Your collection of exclusive diamond pendants which are perfected by skilled artists is not yet finished if you don’t have one of these. Emeralds are artificially made, but that does not make them less adorable.

Floral Heart Pendant

floral heart pendant


Beautiful Heart Pedant

beautiful heart pedant


White Heart Pendant Idea

white heart pendant idea


Blue Glass Heart Pendant Idea

blue glass heart pendant idea


Green Glitter Heart Pendant

green glitter heart pendant


Heart Pendant Necklace and Earring Set

heart pendant necklace and earring set

Vegan Leather Heart Pendant Earrings

vegan leather heart pendant earrings

Simple Heart Pendant

simple heart pendant


The sterling silver or white gold is universal material for any Long Pendant Necklace. But, when it is in the shape of the heart, this changes whole meaning of pendant design. Stones made to accent and glorify women beauty and importance to this world is the best celebrated when represented with zircon in all kind of colors. Make the chain as important as pendant itself and you are on right path to be spotted.

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