Moonstones are gemstones that radiate elegance and peace. The moonstones set in various pendants create a variety of necklaces from minimalist to royal necklaces. The specialty of these moonstone pendants is that they are not loud and at the same time they can speak volumes by their elegance.

The necklaces set with these pendants are unbelievably beautiful and they can match any outfit. Especially the oval pendants are charming and they make any look like a princess. These moonstone pendant necklaces can be worn by anyone irrespective of age.

Rainbow Moonstone Pendant

rainbow moonstone pendant

Look incredible in this rainbow moonstone pendant gold filled silver necklace. This is a minimalist jewelry which can be worn on any occasion. This simple necklace can match any outfit whether it is casual or formal. This is also a very good gifting option.

Celtic Moonstone Pendant

celtic moonstone pendant

Look utterly elegant in this bronze Victorian moonstone pendant necklace. This necklace has a romantic touch because of its antique bronze color and the intricate design of the pendant. This necklace matches any designer outfit or casual outfit. This necklace is an occasion wear and sure makes any woman look beautiful.

Moonstone Drop Pendant

moonstone drop pendant

This handmade Turkish Rolex Ana Drop Rainbow Moonstone Topaz 925 Sterling Silver Pendant is amazing. This can be worn with a simple chain on any casual or designer outfit to add charm to the dress.

Owl Moonstone Pendant

owl moonstone pendant

This cool owl pendant set in silver and metal chains is a very trendy necklace which can be worn with jeans and tees or any simple outfit to make it look cool. This filigree work owl pendant with moonstone crystals and blue crystals, the chain designed with blue beads is handmade. You may also See Oval Pendant Designs

Moonstone Pentagram Pendant

moonstone pentagram pendant

This rainbow moonstone silver pentagram pentacle pendant from crystals set in an adjustable black cord is rocking. This gorgeous necklace will match outfits such as jeans and tees or simple gowns.

Round Moonstone Pendant

round moonstone pendant

This fabulous and delicate silver white moonstone necklace is handmade. This simple necklace is a very good match on long gowns or evening dresses or simple tees with jeans.

Vintage Moonstone Pendant

vintage moonstone pendant

Look like a princess in this 925 sterling necklace with pendant set with moonstone and lab diamonds. The antique Vintage finish of this necklace is sure to make any dress royal. This necklace will make any girl look like a Cinderella.

Tribal Moonstone Pendant

tribal moonstone pendant

This silver plated moonstone pendant in the shape of a cross is looking beautiful and can be worn with a simple chain with any outfit to add an element of style to the outfit. This simple looking pendant with its antique Victorian look is sure to turn heads.

Moonstone Satellite Pendant

moonstone satellite pendant

Marvelous Silver Moonstone Pendant

marvelous silver moonstone pendant

Natural Handmade Moonstone Pendant

natural hanmade moonstone pendant

Genuine Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

genuine rainbow moonstone earrings


Rose Gold Moonstone Pendant

rose gold moonstone pendant

Moonstone Pendant Necklace

moonstone pendant necklace

Gold Moonstone Pendant Necklace

gold moonstone pendant necklace

Black Onyx and Rainbow Moonstone Pendant

black onyx and rainbow moonstone pendant

These beautiful moonstone pendant necklaces can be worn to prom parties or birthday parties by young and teenage girls, to weddings or any other special occasions. Along with these pendants, Aquamarine Pendants, snowflake pendants, heart pendants are also trendy and loved by many women.

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