The trend for stackable rings that was growing immensely in the fashion world has found its way into the bridal world as well. Stackable rings are a great option due to the fact that they are easy to add onto in the future. Eternity bands have been popular for quite some time now. As modern styles include tiny stones that wrap around the entire band, eternity bands can be found in a variety of different sizes and metals. A white gold eternity band can look effortless when matched with a gold band. You may also see Crystal Jewelry Designs

crystal wedding necklace design

Unique Wedding Band Ring Design

unique wedding band ring design

While rose gold has been a favorite in the fashion industry as it works will with mixing metals, white metals such as white gold, platinum, and sterling silver can be view as the modern choice as it seems to be ranking in popularity in the bridal fashion world. You may also see Ruby Wedding Ring Designs

Awesome Wedding Hair Jewelry Design

awesome wedding hair jewelry design

Wedding Diamond Ring for Men

wedding diamond ring for men

Sapphire Stone Wedding Bracelet Design

sapphire stone wedding bracelet design

Gorgeous Wedding Bangle Bracelet Design

gorgeous wedding bangle bracelet design

Wedding Statement Necklace Design

wedding statement necklace design

Love Infinity Wedding Ring Design

love infinity wedding ring design

Wedding Bib Necklace Design

wedding bib necklace design

Traditional Wedding Bangles Design

traditional wedding bangles design


Wedding Engagement Ring Design

wedding engagement ring design


Designer Wedding Necklace Idea

designer wedding necklace idea


Leaf Shape Wedding Earrings

leaf shape wedding earrings


One of the biggest trends for wedding jewelry seems to be about the color. When compared to the timeless classic of diamonds, many are obsessed about stones with more depth and dimension as it will draw more attention and have more visual impact. The colorful stone trend favorites are ruby and sapphire, as both have hardness and wear well. Turquoise, opal, ametrine, and garnet are also budget-friendly and fashion forward. You may also see Wedding earring Designs

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