There is a unique beauty behind every jewelry. The art behind it is what makes it more gorgeous. Take sculptural jewelry, for instance, the art and design that is involved in sculptural jewelry has a lot of intricate work to it and is done with utmost accuracy and creativeness. Sculptural designs are in fashion now because of the exclusiveness that it beholds.

Sculptural Wire Jewelry

Sculptural Wire Jewelry Source

This cheeky jewelry design looks so chunky and beautiful. The purple, gold and white colors blend in perfectly and makes it look seemingly beautiful. This is suitable for your everyday wear, as it will make your outfit stand out.

Sculptural Silver jewelry Design

Sculptural Silver jewelry Design Source

This is an elegant tropical jewelry piece which if you notice closely has fine detailing done on it. The lines done on the leaf is finely sculpted out. The silver coating is a perfect match for the design. This is definitely an everyday wear. You could wear it over jeans or a dress and it is going to grab a lot of attention.

Modern Sculptural Dangle Earrings

Modern Sculptural Dangle Earrings Source

These amazonite butterflies shaped earrings look very classy and chic. They are dangling earrings that would look amazing if you team them with a beautiful short dress. This cheeky piece of jewelry is totally up beat and will make you look gorgeous.

Sculptural Fabricated Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sculptural Metal Clay Jewelry Source

This tropical jewelry has a rustic touch to it. This is a replica of an actual flower and the metallic look makes it classy. This is suitable for everyday wear or even during an important event. If you are a person who loves wear antique looking jewelry, this has got to be the one for you.

Wire Wrapped Sculpture Jewelry

Wire Wrapped Sculpture Jewelry Source

This wire wrapped leaf is an exclusive piece that is a combination of a rustic and modern look. This is a very classy tropical jewelry that will look good with anything you wear.

Vintage Sculpture Jewelry Design

Vintage Sculpture Jewelry Design Source

This vintage jewelry that is shaped in the form of stones put together looks absolutely different and nice. This ring looks out of the box and hence we recommend you wear them during special occasions so you can flaunt this beautiful piece off.

Unique Sculptural Necklace for Women

Unique Sculptural Necklace for Women Source

This cheeky necklace is just amazing. It is designed so differently and will look completely exclusive and unique. Save this for your party wears and people are going to keep look at you.

3D Sculpture Jewelry Design Idea

3D Sculpture Jewelry Design Idea Source

This is a 3D printed sculpture that is done with so much detailing and finesse. If you look closely it is a chess pawn. This can look like an antique piece. Wear this during special occasions, as it can be too big for everyday wear. There is a cheeky look to it and that’s why we think it will look beautiful if you are a person who likes to experiment with different designs.

Designer Sculptural Bracelet

Designer Sculptural Bracelet Source

We love the color on this one. It is dark, bright and completely fashionable. A cheeky look that will make you fall in love it with. The golden chain that is attaching all the rectangles looks rustic which gives the overall design an even better look and feel. Apart from parties, you could wear this even with your casuals.

Handmade Art Glass Jewelry

Handmade Art Glass Jewelry Source

This eccentric tropical jewelry will make heads turn for sure. The colors are so bright and elegant that it makes it so visually appealing. It is so well done that it is very hard to believe that it is a handmade design. The colors and the work on it are all done with perfection. Wear this with your plain top or even with a plain dress and you are ought to look splendid.

Simple Wooden Pendant Design

Simple Wooden Pendant Design Source

Black Color Sculptural Bracelet for Men

Black Color Sculptural Bracelet for Men Source

Beautiful Handmade Pendant Idea

Beautiful Handmade Pendant Idea Source

Nice Sculptural Jewelry Design

Nice Sculptural Jewelry Design Source

Ceramic Pendant Design Idea

Ceramic Pendant Design Idea Source

Sterling Silver Earrings Idea

Sterling Silver Earrings Idea Source

Colorful Bead Work Necklace

Colorful Bead Work Necklace Source

Leaf Shape Earrings Design

Leaf Shape Earrings Design Source

Unique Metal Work Earrings

Unique Metal Work Earrings Source

Retro style Sculptural Ring Design

Retro style Sculptural Ring Design Source

Shell and Beach Glass Necklace Idea

Shell and Beach Glass Necklace Idea Source

Well, these are amazing designs that we decided to show you. Sculptural jewelry has been in fashion for quite some time now and the best part about it is that it gives out a very antique look but makes you look absolutely modern. Wear it with anything and you will look gorgeous.

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