The variety of necklace designs is huge. Every woman can find the design that suits her personal tastes and style while the materials or the decorative designs can give a unique piece to add in her accessory collection. Initials are always a great idea for a personalized gift to a friend or a family member. Today we are bringing you a guide with various initial necklace designs to show you the different options you have.

Gold Initial Necklace Designs

Gold is a luxurious material that can make any design look fabulous. The key to a successful design is to get a small pendant in order to keep things classy. You can find many gold initial designs with amazing style.

Gold Initial Letter Necklace

gold initial letter necklace

Initial Pendant Necklaces

Initial pendants come in various designs. From carved plates to letter pendants you can find anything you need through a vast selection of designs that will take your breath away. The materials can vary as well as the decorative elements.

Initial Pendant Embroided Necklace

initial pendant embroided necklace


Diamond Initial Necklaces

In diamond initials the designs come with either carved pendants or letters with rows of small round diamonds lining their designs. These diamond initial pendants can be matched with both casual and formal attire while they’re suitable for all ages.

Initial Bar Necklaces

Bar necklaces are fashionable touches for all outfits. From weddings to work and from shopping sprees to taking the kids from school, a bar necklace with your initials is going to make you look stylish and put together with elegance.

Silver Initial Long Necklace

silver initial long necklace


Silver Initial Necklace Designs

The initials designed for silver necklaces can vary in font designs. You can get more crisp style for a modern touch or you can choose a cursive design for a soft and romantic approach. The decorative elements can add character.

Sterling Silver Initial Necklace

sterling silver initial necklace

Monogram Initial Necklaces

Monogram necklaces have a roundish design that can look like a personal emblem. You can find them in a great range of materials like sterling silver, rose gold and platinum while the initials can vary in style with font’s type.

Monogram Initial Statement Necklace

monogram initial statement necklace

Sideways Initial Necklaces

Sideways necklaces have been a growing trend. You can find them with initials that you can gift to a loved one or a friend for birthdays and holidays. The styles can range from modern to vintage depending on the material.

Cursive Initial Necklaces

If you want something elegant with a feminine touch then you should go for a cursive design. The soft design of the curves can bring a different air to every outfit no matter if it is a formal or casual.

Cursive Initial Pendant Necklace

cursive initial pendant necklace


Initial Choker Necklace Designs

The latest trend in necklaces has brought the chocker necklace to the center of attention. You can choose an initial design that will make you look fashionable while you can always pair it with a ribbon chain in dramatic black.

Initial Choker Gold Necklace

initial choker gold necklace1

Layered Initial Necklaces

Layered necklaces have a feminine vibe that can accentuate your neck and your bust beautifully. You can go for a single initial and a decorative element or you can go for two initials for a more interesting design for gift.

Rose Gold Layered Initial Necklace

rose gold layered initial necklace

Heart Initial Necklaces

For the romantic outfits an initial necklace with a heart design will help you accentuate your style. The variety in designs is huge allowing you to choose the right design for your personal tastes or for a wedding bridesmaid gift.

Wooden Heart Initial Necklace

wooden heart initial necklace


Crystal Initial Necklaces

Crystals are going to create an accent design that will make your initial necklace sparkle. You can choose any crystal type you like while the colors can vary from clear to dark blue depending on your tastes or your mood.

Crystal Pearl Initial Necklace

crystal pearl initial necklace

Wooden Initial Necklaces

Wood as a natural material can give you a rustic design that you can wear with denim or T-shirts for casual style. You can also combine it with a pearl in order to transform it into a romantic pearl necklace.

Initial Disc Necklaces

The round design of the disk initial necklaces offers a soft style that can be incorporated to any outfit. From work to weddings you can choose to wear this piece in order to bring interesting personality to your chosen outfit.

Initial Disc Charm Necklace

initial disc charm necklace

Double Initial Necklace Designs

A double initial design will make your necklace look smart and stylish. You can find them in many different materials like yellow or rose gold, platinum and silver while the style can be minimalist or with decorative features like crystals.

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