Have you ever imagined that the fashion trends which have become a rage nowadays were inspired from the ancient tribes during the ancient civilisation? One of the tribes which were known for their amazing fashion sense is Aztec. They wore clothes which were highlighted with bold shapes and attractive colours. Amongst all the tribal patterns that have entered the fashion arena, Aztec prints have garnered the most popularity.

One of the accessories with Aztec prints which have become a style statement is the Aztec belt. A fashion brand which has also found one of the top spots in the belts category is Hermes and Hermes belt designs look extremely chic and smart. Some amazing Aztec belt designs are shown below:

Aztec Print Belt Design

aztec print belt design

Topping this list is the Aztec print belt design which features a vintage style look with woven leather on the outline. This Aztec belt looks extremely stylish and trendy. The colors used, such as black, blue, orange, red, pink and purple, enhance the look of the belt.

Beaded Aztec Belt

beaded aztec belt


Another Aztec belt which has become a hot favourite among the fashion freaks is the beaded Aztec belt. This belt features a beaded Aztec design in white, blue and red. The golden buckle adds to the style quotient of the belt.

Leather Aztec Belt

leather aztec belt


Leather belts have been extremely popular from the earlier days due to its quality and sustainability, but, nowadays, they are also gaining increasing popularity as a style statement. The combination of leather and Aztec prints is extremely awesome. The Aztec belt, outlined with leather, makes its compatible with any outfit.

Asos Aztec Belt Design

asos aztec belt design


Anything made in leather looks extremely chic and stylish and if it is teamed up with Aztec designs, there’s nothing like it. This Asos Aztec belt has a leather strap embedded with Aztec prints.

Aztec Belt Buckle Idea

aztec belt buckle idea

Next up on this list is the Aztec Belt Buckle. On some belts, the buckles carry Aztec designs. In this particular belt, the buckle is completely needlepoint stitched. The strap is made of leather.

Black Aztec Belt Idea

black aztec belt idea

Black and fashion always go hand in hand. Black is considered to be an extremely beautiful colour and when combined with Aztec prints, the result is simply amazing as seen in this Black Aztec belt. Various colors, such as, red, blue and orange are used on the belt, which enhance the beauty of black.

Navy Blue Aztec Belt Design

navy blue aztec belt design

At the next spot is the navy blue Aztec belt design which features a diamond triangle Aztec pattern in navy blue and white. This is a perfect combination for casual outfits.

This amazing dark brown Mens’ Aztec print leather belt looks highly sophisticated, classy and macho, which is why it has become a rage amongst the men fraternity. You may also see Crochet Belt Designs

Aztec Tribal Belt

aztec tribal belt


The Aztec tribal belt is totally stylish and trendy as this is completely true to its roots. It consists of some amazing colors and beautiful tribal designs.

Vintage Style Aztec Belt

vintage style aztec belt

Aztec Woven Leather Belt

aztec woven leather belt

Boho Style Aztec Belt

boho style aztec belt

Beautiful Aztec Belt Design

beautiful aztec belt design

Unique Aztec Leather Belt

unique aztec leather belt

White Aztec Belt Design

white aztec belt design

Brown Leather Aztec Belt

brown leather aztec belt

Aztec Pattern Belt Design

aztec pattern belt design

Belts are considered to be the perfect accessories for giving the finishing touch to an outfit. Aztec belt designs have been doing the rounds in the fashion world and have been the hot favourite amongst fashion designers. Some of the other belt designs that have gained a lot of popularity are the Rigger belt designs, which were common during the earlier days and were usually worn by military guys and the sophisticated leather belt designs. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favourite Aztec belt and flaunt it.

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