Belt Design

A belt should enhance personal style, as well as complement the outfit you are wearing. Whether you place it on the waist or hips, it should showcase your body’s silhouette. One belt cannot match with every outfit in your closet, so you need a variety of belts to style your pants, skirts, coats, and dresses. Men generally wear belts on their waists and tend to match its color to that of the shoes or suit. Women, on the other hand, have many types of belt designs. Each design can easily make a fashion statement by matching or mismatching with simple outfits such as cardigans, t-shirts, and chambray shirts. Read More

Belts are meant to emphasize the waist. Therefore, the best way to wear a belt is with either a loose top or bottom. While men tend to go for distressed leather belts in either black or brown color, they can still experiment with different designs and bold colors when wearing casual outfits. You can choose belts based on the material or width. Larger buckle belts exude a fun trait hence are best paired with a casual shirts, t-shirts and jeans. Non-flashy black belts are for black tie events while pattern belts in brown color complement khaki pants and button down shirts.

For women, belts can be thin, simple, funky, thick, western, modern, bold or subtle depending on the outfit. A belt can easily make a plain outfit look fabulous. While it is easy to choose the belt color or design that you want, knowing your belt size will prevent your whole attire from looking messy. A beaded belt can be easily worn around the waits to emphasize the feminine look. Wide belts portray a dramatic effect while skinny belt depicts elegance, sophistication and can even be paired with a suit. For a fun casual look go for embroidered, Aztec and crotchet belt designs. Since belts go around the waist, it is crucial you get the right length whereby it fits exactly in the middle hole.

Belts should work to enhance the beauty of your outfit and emphasize your waits. Women with long waist should wear thick belts while those with short torsos will look beautiful with wide belts. When not sure how and when to wear belts, choose those in neutral or solid colors to ensure they match with every fabric in your closet. Trendy belt designs such as those in animal prints or studded ones will represent personal style.