There’s no better gift for a man or woman than a long lasting embroidered leather belt. With this belt, women can make a simple outfit look classy while men can use this accessory to portray their fashion sense. Matching a Hermes belt with shoe color is the standard method of ensuring a belt complements a casual or formal outfit.

Since we all need belts, the following embroidered designs will inspire you to select a good design.

Embroidered Belt Buckles

embroidered belt buckles


An embroidered belt with a floral pattern buckle is just what you need to make your outfit stand out. This bold design is perfect for those days when you’re wearing a monochrome outfit or you need to add color to your outfit.

Embroidered Belts for Women

embroidered belts for women

This embroidered wide belt with a floral pattern is suitable for women who want to add a dramatic effect to their outfits. Durable and versatile, this cute belt will make even a black outfit look vibrant and show your curves.

Embroidered Canvas Belt

embroidered canvas belt

This vibrant embroidered canvas belt will look good with a pair of skinny jeans or dark colored trousers. This leather belt ensures comfort and durability while a mix of different bold color will portray an individual who loves to have fun.

Custom Embroidered Belt

custom embroidered belt

This unique embroidered belt is perfect for girls who want to show their fashion style. With this belt, you have the option of selecting either a metal end tab or sewn in end finish that will match your outfit.

Maya Embroidered Belt

maya embroidered belt


Black Embroidered Belt

black embroidered belt


Skinny belts go well with light weight clothes such as dresses and skirts. Large sized belts should be placed on the hips to draw attention towards your feminine curves as well as portray your style. Medium width belts can complement any outfit. So wear this belt with jeans or a tunic.

Modern Embroidered belt

modern embroidered belt

Suede Leather Embroidered Belt

suede leather embroidered belt

Just like any other accessory belts can help communicate your style. The wider and big buckles will best compliment a casual outfit while embroidered belts with small buckles suit a formal outfit such as a suit.

Silk Floral Embroidered Belt

silk floral embroidered belt

Embroidered Floral Belt

Add a Bohemium style by opting to wear this colorful embroidered belt. With intriguing features such a red lace-up corset closure, black wool and vibrant floral patterns, this 1960s Scandinavian belt will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Fossil Embroidered Belt

This cute Fossil embroidered belt in block colors is ideal for a casual event such an outdoor party or visiting a friend. The 1980s vintage element will make you look classy and get compliments from your fellow ladies.

Wool Embroidered Belt

If you want to get compliments from other ladies, then go for this wool embroidered belt. The buckle is made from rust proof materials thus ensure durability. You can use the belts vibrant floral patterns to express your mood.

Peruvian Embroidered Belts

Draw attention to your curves by wearing this Peruvian embroidered belt. The unique combination of textile and leather shows creativity so that anyone wearing this belt will look both beautiful and chic.

Embroidered Belts for Wedding Dresses

All eyes will be on you on your wedding day when you wear this embroidered belt. The pink color will help your white gown stand out and ensure all eyes will be on you. The lace details portray your elegant yet modern style.

Crystal Embroidered Belt

This luxurious bridal belt is just what you need to complete your look during that special day. Availability of different sizes will help fit the waist of every woman. The silver beads and hooks give the belt a modern look.

Cream Hand Embroidered Wool Belt

cream hand embroidered wool belt

Belts are inexpensive accessories that can help your outfit look trendy and fun. The type of belt you choose should be a reflection of your mood and personality. Instead of frequently wearing leather belts, men can instead opt to wear a rigger belt to depict their style. So, start shopping and get one of these beautiful embroidered belts.

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