When it comes to fashion, even the smallest detail can make a difference in the way we look. The same rule applies on the belts for men. Just because it’s meant to hold your pants in place doesn’t mean that you can have a stylish and well designed belt to complete your outfit. In case you are looking for your next belt design then keep on reading for our collection of designer belts for men. You may also see Distressed Leather Belt Designs

Men’s Beaded Belt Designs

Beads are ideal for those that aim for a traditional style or for those that want to stand out. There are many different designs for beaded belts that you can consider and choose the right one for you. You can find colorful or dichromatic belts for casual or formal occasions.

Men’s Blue Beaded Belt Design

mens blue beaded belt design

Men’s Aztec Belt Designs

For those that want to get an ethnic look they should take a look at the Aztec belt designs. With beautiful and inspiring patterns in multicolored or dichromatic color combinations you can find many different belts that you can use with different outfits for a mix and match style approach.

Vintage Men’s Aztec Belt Design

vintage mens aztec belt design

Men’s Preppy Belt Designs

Preppy belts consist of fabric based materials as well as needlepoint and woven designs. With a preppy belt design you can style a pair of jeans as well as a pair of trousers in order to add a touch of color and character through a stunning and unique decorative design.

Classy Preppy Belt for Men

classy preppy belt for men

Men’s Braided Belt Designs

Whether it’s made of leather or woven stretchy materials, the braided belts are always a great choice if you want to have something different for your every day and formal outfits. In solid colors or multicolored you can be sure that this design will make you look incredible every time.

Trendy Braided Belt Design for Men

trendy braided belt design for men


Casual Belt Designs For Men

A casual belt shouldn’t have to be boring. A unique belt buckle or a beautiful color can give you a versatile item to use with all your casual clothes. There is a great variety of casual belt designs that you can choose from and create the most fashionable casual looks.

Designer Leather Belts For Men

Leather looks good no matter what you wear. Suitable for every age, you can wear a leather belt with jeans or dress trousers and be confident that it will look fashionable. In a variety of colors and designs for the main body and the belt buckle for incredible fashion statements.

Men’s Dress Belts

A dress belt has to look elegant and stylish at all times. You can achieve that with a beautiful designer dress belt design that will give you the opportunity to style all your formal outfits and to look polished and fashionable even at work. Suitable for men of all ages.

Men’s Leather Dress Belt Design

mens leather dress belt design

Wooden Belt Designs For Men

The last 5 years we have seen many classy designs of belts that use innovative and unique materials. Wood as a natural material has been introduced in the belt fashion design with impressive designs. Choose a belt design with a stunning wooden buckle for an out of the box appearance. You may also see Wooden Belt Designs

Designer Men’s Western Belt Designs

Western belts have a traditional look that still looks charming. You can rock this belt design matching it with leather boots in the same color and denim clothes. It’s suitable for everyone no matter their age, allowing for versatile and casual every day outfits drawing some of the West’s charm.

Western Style Belt Design for Men

western style belt design for men

Formal Belts For Men

Leather belts with metal buckles are the epitome of elegance for formal outfits. Since it is suitable for all ages, a stunning formal belt design is a must have item for your closet since it’s a key feature accessory to use for special occasions like weddings, formal parties and others.

Black Formal Belt for Men

black formal belt for men


Floral Belt Designs For Men

Floral designs on belts have a vintage tone that borderline with the western style. You can have a floral belt design in a leather material that you can wear on casual occasions like at college or for work. Match it with denim to make it look incredible at all times.

Floral Leather Belt Design for Men

floral leather belt design for men

Designer Suede Belts For Men

Suede is a soft material that is suitable for dressing up an outfit. You can find suede belt designs in a multitude of colors and styles to help you make your every outfit look polished and elegant. Suitable for special occasions that you can match with dress pants and shirts.

Grey Suede Belt for Men

grey suede belt for men

Men’s Belt Buckle Designs

There are belts that allow you to change their buckles. For this you can find many belt buckle designs to create different styles. There is a vast variety of buckles to choose. You can invest on a belt like this and change up the buckles for casual and formal use.

Distressed Buckle Belt for Men

distressed buckle belt for men

Belts are used for keeping the pants in place. However they can also be used for fashion reasons as an accessory that will help you look sophisticated and ready to get down to business. There are many factors that can make men’s belts look unique. The belt’s buckle can come in many designs and materials adding a stunning look. Also the belt’s design itself is important along with the material and the pattern it has.

Choose your belts carefully. Don’t be afraid to add a little bit of color. The belt will help you put together multiple outfits. From everyday and casual clothes to formal dressing ones you can find amazing designs to match with your clothes and start your very own startling belt collection.

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