Everyone comes with a baggage, both literal and metaphoric! But life becomes much better when we have fun while carrying the baggage. Handbags make our life so much easy and stylish. They carry our essentials and also make sure we carry them with panache. For all the women out there, we present you with the collection of our favorite designer handbags that you won’t be able to ignore.

1. Chanel Large Shopping Bag

chanel large shopping bag

Presenting from Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2016/17 collection, this bag proves right the bigger the better theory. The printed fabric of the bag has trendy colors and patterns and special interest has been paid to the cat ladies while designing the bag.

2. Fendi Large Peekaboo


For when you need some colors, this bag will come to your rescue. It has variety of hues, high quality velvet and it is made in Italy. Could you ask for more?

3. Hermes Limited Edition Special Order Plume Bag


This is from the limited collection of Hermes, brand that is known for its premium quality bags. The bag has been developed with high quality leather. The details in the colorful pattern are meticulously done and they can instantly win you over.

4. Gucci Marmont Matelassé

gucci marmont matelassé

The trusted designer brand never lets you down. White and gold is a solid combination and just like the brand, you can trust this combination when you can’t decide on the colors. This bag is perfect for an evening event. The white leather and golden studs are certain to grab a lot of attention.

5. Fendi Petite 2 Jours


This bag defines sophistication and perfection. You can carry it in a casual day and also to the office. The subtle combination, the minimalist use of metal adds on to the grace of the overall design.

6. Chanel Drawstring Bag

chanel drawstring bag

Celebrities love Chanel for its perfection. The design of this bag is fun and elegant at the same time. The beige color and the ruthenium & gold metal string together form such refined design that one simply cannot abstain from it.

Style do not lie in the clothes alone. It is the accessories that accentuates your clothes as well as your personalities. These designer bags are the epitome of fine crafts and a must-have for every woman with a taste for fashion and style.

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