Fashion in its form and the range of available options has extended way vastly than it was a decade ago. Today, designer clothing is not just limited to adults, the popular and renowned brands have taken the baby clothing under its umbrella for experimental and creative design consideration. If you are looking to get something flawless and stunning for your kid’s birthday or any other special event, we have compiled a list of top 10 designer brands that are equally popular in the junior sphere.

1. Baby Dior


Known for the remarkable elegance and style, Baby-Dior clothes are equally timeless and classic and are definitely a top choice for parents who want their babies in the refined designer options. The style and grace doesn’t come cheap, the price range of clothing items is somewhere between $50 to $400 depending on the item of your preference. Dior offers dresses, hats, shorts, shoes, swimwear and all sorts of other baby accessories.

2. Polo by Ralph Lauren

baby polo

Ralph Lauren designs are considered a classic in the adult clothing arena, and the designer has brought the same to the baby world with Polo clothing. The brand offers one of the most sought after designs for both adults and children of all age groups. With a wide range of options, the brand offers the classic elegance all year round for your kids. From the usual button downs, one-piece sets, and sweaters to the swimwear, pants and leggings, Ralph Lauren has all the fashionable love to offer your children.

3. Burberry Childrenswear

baby burberry

The British brand is globally known for its classy, simple and wonderful collection of designer clothing. With the distinct and popular tartan pattern that is most copied across the world, the brand offers the chance to dress the kids in the same pattern. This luxury brand apparel is sure a way to go for dressing your little bundles of joy.

4. Dolce & Gabbana Junior


Dolce&Gabbana Junior offers the finest piece of clothing to dress your child in the timeless elegance that comes synonymously with this popular designer brand. As expected, the Dolce&Gabbana pieces come in the pricey range, with $150 for a printed dress and $900 for a wool coat.

5. Armani Junior by Armani


One of the most popular luxury brands, Armani has extended its fashion frame by creating a junior clothing line along with its adult line. Designing clothes for both baby girl and baby boy, the clothes are a sure fine way to make your kid look like a fashionista even when they are sleeping in the crib. The designer label, unlike other popular brands, is relatively affordable with Armani Junior line for girls starting at $90 and stretch cotton shirts for boys starting at just $48.

6. Young Versace by Versace

baby versace

Versace has been known widely amongst the fashion audience for its luxury, elegance, and quality. The luxury fashion brand has now included baby fashion clothes to its adult line, ensuring elegant beauty for all age groups. The popular choices for the junior line include printed rompers and glamorously designed coats.

7. Gucci Baby


Known for their refined Italian fashion and leather goods, Gucci has introduced the baby clothing to its sophisticated collection of wearables. From bright and jazzy to neutral and simple, the brand covers all the possible options both for your baby boy and baby girl.

8. Stella McCartney

baby stella mccartney

Carrying the perfect punk and charm, Stella McCartney clothing for kids is the perfect blend of character and style. Right from shoes, accessories to baby clothing for both the genders, the clothes are a true reflection of what the brand stands for.

9. Baby Jordan


If you are a sports enthusiast, we are certain you would agree that it is never too late to dress your baby in designer sportswear. Baby Jordan clothes are a part of the popular American brand, Nike. Associated with the most famous basketball player, Michael Jordan, these clothes are as stylish as comfortable. Although it doesn’t offer many choices like other brands, but it is definitely the most adorable sportswear available in the market for your kid.

10. Little Marc Jacobs


The fun and pretty pieces, Little Marc Jacobs is the one stop shop if you are looking to make your little kid look like the perfect little princess or prince. In quality material, impressive fabric and design, the brand offers the best buying and wearing experience for your kids.

With it or without, there is no doubt that your baby will look one in a million. But, just for that one special get-together or birthday party, pick a designer piece, be it quirky, elegant or unique and let the outfit be the second to impress.( the first factor, of course being your kid )

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