Fans all over the world have gotten at least one superman tattoo to honor their favorite superhero. The diamond-shaped letter “S”  in red has given a variety of designs, shapes and forms appropriate for everyone. The main design can be seen incorporated with others like the Polynesian tattoo design, creating a fantastic piece of body art and others which anyone can have. Following this trend, we have prepared a collection of amazing superman tattoo designs that you will be unable to resist.

Tribal Superman Tattoo

Tribal Superman Tattoo Source

There’s no doubt that famous symbol on Superman’s costume has been a great inspiration. This diamond shaped “S” along with the tribal patterns create a remarkable design which is unique and hip. You can also have it in black and white theme. You may also see Sailor Tattoo Designs

Superman Arm Tattoo Design

Superman Arm Tattoo Design Source

With the diamond shaped S as a constant in most tattoos, the background can be freely customized. This one has an abstract design for the background accentuating the main part of the tattoo adding a stronger look.

Watercolor Superman Tattoo Idea

Watercolor Superman Tattoo Idea Source

Watercolor effects offer a charming look to any tattoo giving it a soft finish. This one however, just adds a touch of fierceness to the main design of the diamond S incorporating all the colors of Superman’s costume.

Superman Forearm Tattoo

Superman Forearm Tattoo Source

A simple design of the diamond shape with the S inside. This tattoo has only lining that can be done really fast and you can always come back and color it or add more details to the design.

Superman Comic Tattoo Idea

Superman Comic Tattoo Idea Source

A cartoon version of the Superman theme. This requires a specific level of skill in order to achieve a great result. The lining is quick but the coloring will take some time.

Batman Superman Tattoo

Batman Superman Tattoo Source

This is a cute design of batman and superman tattoo. In the same concept you can have other superheroes that will create some kind of a confirmation with the main hero. The simple lining and coloring will take average time.

Colorful Superman Chest Tattoo

Colorful Superman Chest Tattoo Source

This is a stunning design of a shredded part of Superman’s costume. This is a great idea for a cover up tattoo because of the fierceness that it evokes. You can also have it in black and white coloring.

Black and Red Superman Tattoo

Black and Red Superman Tattoo Source

In this tattoo, the use of shades of red brings a transparent quality to the design. You can also use other colors like the black shading on the background looks really bold creating a smooth transition.

Evil Superman Tattoo

Evil Superman Tattoo Source

You can customize your tattoo and get the most amazing results. This evil twist on the good natured Superman concept is a great choice. The dark shades of the colors along with the lightning on the sky create a sinister result.

Superman Tattoo on Hand

Superman Tattoo on Hand Source

You can get inspired by the comic books or the movies and create realistic backgrounds. In this one, the Daily Planet building brings the entire tattoo to life. You can also get this design in a biker tattoo too.

Unique Superman Tattoo Design

Unique Superman Tattoo Design Source

Superman Tattoo on Leg

Superman Tattoo on Leg Source

Creative Superman Tattoo Design

Creative Superman Tattoo Design Source

Superman Tattoo on Shoulder

Superman Tattoo on Shoulder Source

Black and Gray Superman Tattoo on Palm

Black and Gray Superman Tattoo on Palm Source

Superman Tattoo on Thigh

Superman Tattoo on Thigh Source

Neo Traditional Superman Tattoo

Neo Traditional Superman Tattoo Source

Awesome Superman Tattoo Design

Awesome Superman Tattoo Design Source

Simple Superman Tattoo for Men

Simple Superman Tattoo for Men Source

Superman Back Tattoo Idea

Superman Back Tattoo Idea Source

Beautiful Superman Tattoo Idea

Beautiful Superman Tattoo Idea Source

For decades, the Superman is an inspiration for kids and adults alike. Getting a small or a sleeve tattoo will honor your favorite superhero. Unless you have a design already in mind, feel free to use our ideas and we are sure you will be happy with the final result.

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