Along with the admirable animation and graphics, you will agree that it would be unfair to overlook the impressive poster designs of our beloved animated movies. If you are an animated movie buff and you take the graphics seriously, we have today compiled a list of 10 best-animated movie posters that sealed the deal not just with the amazing story line but also with an equally remarkable poster.

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

tim burton

Just like the movie, the poster too does a fabulous job of living up to the potential of the script with eerie typography and the classic scary pumpkin. The parallel placement of the right color and graphic justifies the story line.

2. Finding Nemo

finding nemo

Finding Nemo is a sweet classic film that is too good to be missed. Talking about the poster, the movie nails it with our beloved characters and the deep wide ocean in the backdrop. The theme sea comes out clearly with the color as well as the aquatic characters.

3. Lilo & Stitch

lilo stir

With a white background and the core characters forming the border, the poster details on the central plot by placing the main character in the middle. The casual all caps font accentuates the beauty of the poster.

4. Lion King

the lion king

We are certain that Lion King is everyone’s top pick in the must watch animated movie list. And, much like the movie, the poster too plays the part well with the clear positioning of the prime character and the Lion King written as a masthead in the soft gold color, truly reflecting the spirit of the movie as well as the animal.

5. Coraline


With a touch of mystery and adventure the poster encapsulates the spirit of the movie with deep dark typography and the core element of a secret door. The quote written in the shadow created by the light entering through the door solidifies the beauty of the poster.

6. How to Train Your Dragon

how to train ur dragon

How to train your dragon movie poster reflects beautifully on the bond of Toothless the dragon and Hiccup the boy, who patiently and lovingly trains the wild animal. The bold typography in red reflects well on the nature of the film.

7. Despicable Me

dispeable me

Hard to miss and despise, the Despicable Me poster has all the lovely characters packed in one frame. With minions in the bottom and the moon on the top and super bad dad in the middle, do we really need to connect the dots ?

8. Up


Absolutely spectacular and a personal favorite! The Up movie poster, just like the film, makes us simultaneously smile and slightly tear apart with innocent smiles and of course the beautiful and fated house with balloons.

9. Ratatouille

rat touilette

A chef and a rat, and a rat chef, one in two, two in one and the story begins right from the poster. The clear and distinctive font written in an oval circle with blue ink makes the design soft and eye appealing.

10. Toy Story 3

toy story

With our cowboy Woody in the lead standing parallel to Buzz Light year and all the lovely toy friends that gave us the classic- You have got a friend in me vibe reflects the vibrancy and positive energy of the movie as well as the poster.

Comment and let us know your favorite and do feel free to add your beloved animated movie poster to the list.

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