Everyone recognizes it and everyone will accept that the Google doodle team always brings us the best at each and every occasion. The creative and artistic tradition that started in 1998 has now spread its wing over the varied design features with full-blown illustrations, animations and even interactive games. With people googling their way every single day, we have today compiled a set of 10 impressive Google doodle designs of all time.

1. International Women’s Day

international women’s day1

This beautiful and inspiring Google doodle shows an illustrated logo, well, that is not it. When you click on the title, the doodle shows a number of women from the globe celebrating the International Women’s Day.

2. Pac Man

pac man

There are a number of video games that feature stunning graphics but there is no game that can beat the addictive Pac-Man. Google celebrated the 30th birthday of this legendary game with the 8-bit glory all around its letters. Along with being super fun and interactive, this was also the first ever playable doodle designed by Google.

3. Saul Bass’ 93rd birthday

saul bass’ 93rd birthday

If you are an amateur or professional in the field of graphic design, Saul Bass would have most definitely been an influential figure in your work much like Google. Celebrating his 93rd birthday, Google designed a doodle with a distinct and impressive style. Bass had a major influence in the movie posters and this has been clearly reflected in the doodle with the apt music and captivating animation.

4. John Lennon’s 70th birthday

john lennon’s 70th birthday

Google designed the first animated video doodle for John Lennon’s 70th birthday. The doodle rightly justified one of the most influential artists of the history. The doodle shows an animated sequence which acts over the famous song- Imagine. The animated video doodle ends with Lennon’s glasses in the ‘00’ of the Google letters. There couldn’t be a succinct and creative tribute to the artist.

5. Charlie Chaplin

charlie chaplin

This Charlie Chaplin short video plays tribute to the silent film star by showing us what his 122nd birthday would look like. The video features a Chaplin look-alike reading newspaper with a Google logo and of course our beloved Chaplain trying to draw the doodle himself, albeit unsuccessfully.

6. Charles Dickens

charles dickens

This beautiful timeless doodle was designed by Google on the 200th birthday of classic British author Charles Dickens. The doodle featured some of the beloved characters from the classics of the author.

7. Burning Man

burning man

Although it doesn’t stand close to the brilliant designs listed above, but we had to include this as it was first ever doodle designed by Google in 1998. The concept began when the founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin attended the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Desert and placed a burning man behind the O in the logo to let the users know that they were out of the office.

8. Teacher’s Day

teacher’s day

This Teacher’s Day doodle features the irreplaceable bond between a teacher and student and how the former plays a crucial role in shaping the formative years of a student. Capturing the basic idea, the doodle is relatable and a pure genius.

9. First Day of Spring

first day of spring

The first day of Spring doodle could be the cutest of all doodles ever designed by Google. The letters of Google appear with beautiful flowers sprouting from the watering done by the adorable character in the middle.

10. Robert Moog’s 78th birthday

robert moogs 78th birthday

The doodle designed for Robert Moog’s 78th birthday is a playable treat like no other. There could not be a better design to celebrate the man behind the iconic synth.

If you feel we have missed out on any of your favorite design, feel free to comment and add on to our list.

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