If you have a passion in you to create something unique, there is no material than can ‘cut’ your dreams short. Armenian fashion illustrator Edgar Artis worked with the same idea to create the unique dress designs. He used the technique of stylized paper cut-outs to create the most stunning designs with the help of everyday objects. The results are so beautiful that you will be amazed along with being truly inspired.

His sketches are complimented with items such as rose petals, different foods items, plants, and even buildings. He is not the first artist to explore this idea, previously a fashion illustrator Shamekh Bluwi, also used everyday objects to fashion his dress designs.

We have compiled a list of expressive drawings by the artist hope you enjoy and appreciate the creative imagination of the artist and his designs.

It is not just the cut outs, the artist also uses flowers, matches, fruits, burnt papers, foils and a lot more stuff to create these unique designs.

Along with the lovely designs made out of material, the artist also uses the environment to fill up the cut outs of his illustrations. The way the environment blends in his cutouts makes you believe that it is an actual dress drawing.

The artist proves us that even the litter on the street can be made to look beautiful if you have the right vision for it. Many of his drawings often make use of the thrown objects and other waste material.

The fashion illustrator keeps the theme of his beautiful sketches minimal, by including marginal plants, petals to complete the fashion dresses.

The cutout beautifully enhances the dress against the backdrop of light. The colors that are captured by placing it in front a natural setup brings out the originality in the design.

The clouds in the back give the gradient effect to the dress. The design is achieved effortlessly because of the natural set up and beautiful cut out.

The orange peels which we throw away without a second thought, have been creatively incorporated by the illustrator for the design of the dress.

The fishtail cut out of the dress is given the perfect spring couture with the dried out autumn leaves on the tree branches.

Could this dress be any more glamorous? The light making its way through the glass gives the perfect shimmer to the sexy black gown.

You would miss this out, but it is the marigold flowers in the background that are peeking through the dress. What a beautiful print camouflage.

The woolen texture in the backdrop gives the dress an instant ‘warmth’ :p, hope you noticed our dual play with the word warmth.

This architecturally genius dress defines the modern attire with perfection. We are sure the design must have inspired several designers across the globe.

The golden shimmer achieved with a metal background makes the dress more glamorous than the dresses we see on the runway and red carpet.

The texture of the tiles has accentuated the beauty of this beautiful all over skater skirt and crop top.

The perfect leaf dress, literally.

By now, we all would agree that the creativity of the illustrator comes out beautifully with all the designs. Hope you are inspired to think out of the box and create your personal masterpieces in any field or subject.

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