With the packaging design game getting more competitive, the facilitator of this competition, Pentawards, celebrated its 10th year as the most prestigious worldwide competition exclusively dedicated to package design. This year, the competition was held in Shanghai. The main sectors that the Pentawards focuses on are- Food, Beverages, Body, Other Markets and Luxury. This year the awards received 1,843 entries with 253 designers and brand owners from all over the world (precisely 26 countries)!

The winners received Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Pentawards conferred by an international jury consisting of 12 well-known figures from packaging design and marketing. The Diamond Pentaward winner, this year will receive €5,000 worth of Esko Suite’s 14 packaging design software subscription for a year along with the trophy.

The Diamond Pentaward, 2016 Best of the Show, was given to Jones Knowles Ritchie, a London-based design agency, for its design of the new boxes for Domino’s Pizza.

pizza boxes


The pizza boxes received the awards for the simplicity in design along with a distinctive representation which it provides the brand.

Given below is the list of other award winners for various categories. For a complete list of the awards, you can visit the Pentaward site.

Platinum Pentaward 2016- Best of the Luxury Designed by Coley Porter Bell

platinum pentaward 2016


Gold Pentaward 2016- Body- Bodycare Designed by Enprani

gold pentaward 2016


Gold Pentaward 2016- Luxury- Perfumes Designed by Established

designed by established


Gold Pentaward 2016- Luxury- Makeup, Bodycare Designed by Shiseido

designed by shiseido


Silver Pentaward 2016- Beverages Designed by Studio H

designed by studio h


Silver Pentaward 2016- Concept Designed by Backbone Branding

designed by backbone branding


Silver Pentaward 2016- Food Designed by Latona Marketing INC.

designed by latona marketing inc


Silver Pentaward 2016- Body- Distributors’/Retailers’ own brands/Private labels Designed by Raison Pure

designed by raison pure


Silver Pentaward 2016- Luxury- Make-up, body care, beauty products Designed by Shiseido

designed by shiseido 2


Bronze Pentaward 2016- Food- Dairy or soya-based products Designed by Backbone Branding

designed by backbone branding 2


This year, the ceremony was hosted in the Jarvis Auditorium at the Grand Ballroom of the Hyatt on the Bund (Shanghai). During the award ceremony, Brigitte Evrard, Pentawards co-founder, said “Packaging designers must often do a lot with a little. The goal of the Pentawards is to reward designs originating from all markets, from mass-market to luxury.” The main object of Pentaward is to change the way packaging design is perceived by escalating the stature of the art as well as those who put in efforts to create it. These awards are open to everyone who is associated with the design, marketing and packaging, country is no bar.

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