A staircase has a lot more architectural value when you look beyond its functional realm. In fact, a spiral staircase can be customised to make it the most elegant element in your room. Innovative people like to incorporate curved staircase design ideas in their homes to enhance the looks of their asset. These can be placed both in indoor and outdoor areas. Curved staircases can be spiral or much more complex. Here, you will come across ten classy spiral staircase design ideas that you can incorporate in your homes.

Modern Curved Staircase Design

modern curved staircase design


Open tread staircases look fascinating and sleek in most of the modern homes. The tiled staircase has a dark colour, and it looks contrasting with the white paint in the room. The steps are white, and goes well with the settings in the living room. The steps are somewhat steep, but it is an elegant part of the architecture.

Outdoor Curved Staircase

outdoor curved staircase


Houses with beautiful gardens look pleasing when you have Outdoor Stair leading to the upper floors of the house. With paved patio and wooden furniture around, you will be able to get a striking match with this stairway. Houses with courtyard entry look great when it has an outdoor stairway. You can also see Wooden Staircase Designs

Curved Steel Staircase Idea

curved steel staircase idea


Steel stairways with elegant railings look sophisticated when there is a grand lighting in the room. If you have an architecturally rich mansion with a dome above the staircase, it creates the perfect combination of elegance and splendor. With a glass and wrought iron entry doors and a matching carpet, the staircase looks beautiful. You can also see Loft Staircase Designs

Curved Concrete Staircase

curved concrete staircase


Even in small houses, a compact curved staircase looks great. Here, the concrete staircase has handrails made of stainless steel. The white steps look contrasting with the white walls in the room, and you can create a stunning look at the entrance by opting for a glass door. It looks classy for a small house.

Elegant Curved Staircase

elegant curved staircase


Elegance lives up to the fullest when you strike the right colour combination for the walls and stairs. This stairway setting is ideal for a basement, and the cherry flooring goes well with the white walls. There are little art works on the wall along the stairs and. You can place a grand piano in the space under the stairs for a classy match.

Glass Curved Staircase Design

glass curved staircase design


When you want to enhance the looks of your home with one of the finest specimens of architectural craftsmanship, you can opt for a grass staircase with metal handrail. It is a minimalist staircase with a greenish crystalline hue along the steps. It is ideal for a large and spacious room with white paint and small pendant lights.

Double Curved Staircase

double curved staircase


Palatial mansions look even more grand when you incorporate a double curved staircase. It makes the architectural design symmetrical. The foyer floor has carpet decorations and are ideal for two storeyed houses. The skilfully designed handrails deliver a luxurious attire to your home.

Curved Wooden Staircase

curved wooden staircase


A wooden staircase is rich in elegance and expose a refined taste. Here, you will find a light-coloured carpet covering the entire length of the wooden staircase. It goes well with the beige ad purple combination of the furniture and wall paints. The winding staircase looks elegant with dark-framed portraits along the side wall.

Ornate Curved Staircase Idea

ornate curved staircase idea


When you have a fashionable entryway with a beautiful chandelier and wooden floors, you can get in touch with an ornate curved staircase. The wooden handrail top has a good match with the dark brown floor in the room. It is a grand staircase with a dark walnut stain.

Curved Brick Staircase

curved brick staircase


This is a classy Outdoor Stair idea, where you can yield the natural beauty of bricks. Houses that are located on hill-slopes look great with this setting. You can make it even more blissful with plants growing around. Place potted plants beside the staircase leading to the house, and the reddish brick columns with curved designs look classy.

Large Curved Staircase Idea

large curved staircase idea


Decorative Curved Staircase Idea

decorative curved staircase idea


Vintage Curved Staircase

vintage curved staircase


Interior Curved Staircase design

interior curved staircase design


Trendy Double Curved Staircase

trendy double curved staircase


Small Curved Staircase Design

small curved staircase design


Curved Staircase Light Design

curved staircase light design


A mansion staircase, when perfectly innovated, can deliver a beautiful architectural support. Looks matter a lot when you consider the in-built feature of the house. The curved staircase design ideas are being differently incorporated in modern homes to get stunning interiors. You may innovate a new staircase idea for your mansion, and you can share it with us if you want to.

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