Have you thought of giving your ceilings a new, breath-taking makeover? You can do so, by choosing a different material, such as wood for the ceiling to add dimension and texture. Initially, drop ceilings were basically installed to conceal any structural flaws and infrastructure. Latest technology provides numerous choices for drop ceilings including material types, colors and textures. Wood ceilings are eco-friendly and can be used for creating acoustic balance in the house. These are sustainable, cost-effective and perfect for decoration.

Wood Ceiling Tiles Idea

wood ceiling tiles idea

Design by : Design Evolution Enterprises Inc

This stained wood ceiling panel makes an attractive style statement. This ceiling design incorporates natural, rugged look of wood and tin tiles. The metal tile inserts complement the Wood Beam Ceiling perfectly.

Wood Drop Ceiling Idea

wood drop ceiling idea


The lovely wood color of this drop ceiling suits the interiors very well. This creates a modern look, hiding wiring and piping, but makes it accessible. With adequate lighting, you can have this drop ceiling for your entire house. You can also see Office Ceiling Designs

Acoustic Wood Panels Idea

acoustic wood panels idea


For a serene ambience, go for acoustic wood paneling design for your ceiling. This is a great way of keeping extraneous noise at bay, while accentuating the beauty of your interiors at the same time.

Hardwood Ceiling Design

hardwood ceiling design


The dark color and finishing of the wood ceiling matches the furnishings in the bedroom. You can try timber for your ceiling for a cozy look. Pine Ceiling looks equally incredible too.

Plywood Ceiling Panels Idea

plywood ceiling panels idea


Plywood is used for this curved ceiling to create a dynamic look. Plywood ceiling works well for curved surfaces in home or office. The wood railing adds a dramatic element to this brightly lit work space.

White Wood Ceiling Idea

white wood ceiling idea


Create a clean and inviting look with a crisp white wood ceiling. Shades of brown are used to create a balance in this room.

Rustic Ceiling Tiles Idea

rustic ceiling tiles idea

Design by : Barley|Pfeiffer Architecture

This rustic, slant hardwood ceiling adds a nice visual interest to this home office, cum guest room. You can go for ceiling tile inserts for a decorative look. Vinyl Ceiling Tiles with resistance to allergens, dust and moisture are an excellent choice for interiors.

Light Wood Ceiling Panel Idea

light wood ceiling panel idea


Light wood ceiling is a unique idea to create a stunning look. This vaulted ceiling with bleached wood finishing makes this living room appear airy and spacious.

Hardwood Ceiling Panels

hardwood ceiling panels

Design by : Nancy Snyder

If you want to create a cozier and a privy space, wood paneling is the best choice. Hardwood ceiling adds natural warmth and character to a room. It’s a great way of defining a simple, yet impressive design.

Oak Wood Ceiling Panel Design

oak wood ceiling panel design


Adorn your ceiling with stylish ceiling panels in Oak wood to create an impact. The mounted lights and pendant lights suspended from this ceiling make an elegant statement.

Modern Ceiling Panel Idea

modern ceiling panel idea


Darkwood Ceiling Panels Idea

darkwood ceiling panels idea


Eclectic Wooden Ceiling Ideas

eclectic wooden ceiling ideas


Wood goes with a variety of interior decor, so you don’t have to worry about your wood ceiling appearing odd. Make sure not to overcrowd the room as wood ceiling gives a feeling of space closing-in. The trick is to brighten up the place and keep it airy. Soft light colors on walls and floor work well with dark wood ceilings. For accessories, you can choose vibrant colors to pep up the room.

Wooden Wide Plank Ceiling Idea

wooden wide plank ceiling idea


Gray Wood Ceiling Panels

gray wood ceiling panels


Wood Ceiling Planks Idea

wood ceiling planks idea

Design by : Jill Wolff

Suspended Ceiling Design

suspended ceiling design


Wooden Ceiling Beam Decor

wooden ceiling beam decor

Design by : Barley|Pfeiffer Architecture

Wood ceiling add a natural touch to your indoors. Teamed with other elements like potted plants and rugged flooring, your ceiling panel is sure to look fabulous. Lighting is another important factor to keep in mind. Choose a fixture that brightens up the entire room evenly. Creating a balance is the key to designing your ceilings with wood panels.

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