Basements are the utility spaces that are either partially or completely associated below the ground floor of a location. Basement ceiling ideas are generally present in the rooms where various items like water heater, boiler, fuse box or breaker panel are located. It also shelters the car parking areas, air conditioning systems and other necessary amenities. Cable distribution point and electrical distribution systems are also situated in these places. In order to glorify the place and enhance the look of the area, wood panel ceiling is used. These are particularly found in regions with high property rates, such as London.

Low Basement Ceiling Idea

low basement ceiling idea

Generally department stores are located in the lower level areas. These are underground floors. Many houses also have such stores or places at the bottom of their multi-storied buildings or apartments. Cellars with variant designs are usually equipped beneath the underground rooms.

Diy Basement Ceiling Design

diy basement ceiling design

These are also known as walk out basements. In order to do this in accordance to the convention, the basements are situated on the slopes in the lowered position of the houses. True basement areas are actually those which have a lowered position under the ground.

Basement Drop Ceiling

basement drop ceiling

Design by Camber Construction

They are generally located below the stair cases providing a space to the garages and store houses. You can also make a small place over there for keeping the HVAC and other electronic tools. Broken gadgets, stocks of newspapers and other necessary equipment can be kept in these areas. You can also see Basement Renovation Ideas

Basement Wood Ceiling Idea

basement wood ceiling idea

It provides an open face and being given a wooden cellar, the look of the places becomes more attractive. It also supplies an additional place for the organization of picnic, especially during any festive occasion. You can arrange for a party or a ceremony at this location.

Basement Open Ceiling Design

basement open ceiling design

Design by JAC Design

This is a place that devotes extra position for keeping the stocks of recycled items. It facilitates with a region to access networks or signals. Being an open space, it provides network accessions.

Modern Basement Ceiling Idea

modern basement ceiling idea

Nowadays, basements come with additional windows and doors for easy circulation of the air. Doorways and windows that open directly to the bedrooms are nowadays available. However,these house designs are illegal. But these are specially utilized in case of coping with emergency situations.

Rustic Basement Ceiling

rustic basement ceiling

This provides an ethnic look to the houses. You can even renovate the main floor of your home in order to allow easy access through unfinished basements. The walk up entrance are very popular which also possess angled bulk head doors or basement doors.

Vaulted Ceiling Basement

vaulted ceiling basement

You can often expose the main floor joists through the application of appropriate insulation systems over the concrete walls and floors.

Fabric Basement Ceiling Idea

fabric basement ceiling idea

You can even decorate the ceilings of your basements with fabric designs. These places provide instant cooling and can be also accessed with small windows or door gaping along with the space for air ventilation.

Cottage Basement Ceiling Idea

cottage basement ceiling idea

With the floor living accommodation, you may keep a location for the storage of food freezers. People usually tend to use these zones for the purpose of garages.

Black Ceiling Basement Idea

black ceiling basement idea

Design by Ryan Duebber Architect, LLC

Basement Metal Ceiling Idea


Basement White Ceiling Idea

basement white ceiling idea

Basement Game Room Ceiling Idea

basement game room ceiling idea

Contemporary Basement Ceiling Idea

contemporary basement ceiling idea

Basement Ceiling Light Idea

basement ceiling light idea

Basement Drop Metal Ceiling Idea

basement drop metal ceiling idea 1

It absolutely depends upon your choice whether you want to decorate your ceiling with some kind of artistic ventures, fabrics or designs.The drop ceiling tiles are also one among the unique variety that are used to make the ceilings of your basement. You can store bicycles, cars, garden and outdoor equipment as well as tools in these areas. This large space at the ground floor of the houses is efficiently used by the home members to stock things which they generally do not use in their everyday lives.

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