A white ceiling is not only boring but cuts down on the general look of a space. Well designed rooms need a ceiling design in order to complete or enhance the room’s beauty. Following color schemes, adding texture, recessed lighting and even creating levels will give you a stunning design to style the space. For a more in depth insight of ceiling syntheses keep on reading to find out our collection of 20+ ceiling designs.

Bedroom Ceiling Designs

A bedroom has to be calm and to reflect on the individual’s character. In the same way the ceiling has to follow on those principles. Soothing color combinations, creative lighting arrangements as well as host textures will give you an amazing room that will inspire you to live in.

Master Bedroom Ceiling Design

master bedroom ceiling design

Design by Brandon Architects

Bedroom Pop Ceiling Design

bedroom pop ceiling design


Bedroom Gypsum Ceiling Design

bedroom gypsum ceiling design


Kitchen Ceiling Designs

Enhance your culinary skills with the right setting in your kitchen. The ceiling can showcase your creative spirit with the right design. You can use a variety of materials to decorate the ceiling like tiles, wood beams and suspended ceiling designs that will look incredible with the right lighting fixtures.

Kitchen Island Ceiling Design

kitchen island ceiling design


Kitchen Drop Ceiling Design

kitchen drop ceiling design

XTC Interior Design Toronto

Small Kitchen Ceiling Design

small kitchen ceiling design


Modern Ceiling Designs

Modern ceilings are a combination of intense atmosphere and simple designs that give you amazing end results. You can use this style of ceiling in every space in your house. From the bathroom to the laundry room you can use innovative materials to add a modern vibe to every room.

Modern Coffered Ceiling Design

modern coffered ceiling design1


Modern Kitchen Ceiling Design

modern kitchen ceiling design


Living Room Ceiling Designs

Living rooms vary in style. You can get a ceiling that follows these styles or you can get a ceiling that dictates the room’s style and ambience. Create levels with suspended ceiling designs while using creative shapes to lead the eye. Complete the look with a luxurious chandelier for elegance.

Living Room Tray Ceiling Design

living room tray ceiling design


Small Living Room Ceiling Design

small living room ceiling design


Restaurant Ceiling Designs

Restaurants have exquisite ceiling designs that are always awe inspiring. Instead of being jealous of those designs you can easily have it in your house. With a few slight modifications you can recreate a restaurant ceiling design in any of the spaces inside or even outside of your home.

Modern Restaurant Ceiling Design

modern restaurant ceiling design


Coffered Ceiling Designs

A coffered ceiling acts as an enhancer for a room’s beauty. It adds elegance and style creating a textured design. This type of ceiling is not suitable for low ceiling rooms because it will make it look smaller. You can find it in a combination of styles and colors.

Vaulted Coffered Ceiling Design

vaulted coffered ceiling design

Martha O'Hara Interiors

Coffered Kitchen Ceiling Design

coffered kitchen ceiling design

Design by Jan Gleysteen Architects

Basement Ceiling Designs

Give a makeover to your basement with a ceiling design. In most cases, basements have little to none natural lighting making the light fixtures a must. Create a ceiling design that will look amazing and that will provide with adequate light. Style and practicality go hand in hand in basements.

Low Basement Ceiling Design

low basement ceiling design

Photo by Jeffrey Edward Tryon

Basement Wood Ceiling Idea

basement wood ceiling idea


Office Ceiling Designs

Your office has to look impeccable with a sophisticated vibe. You can achieve that with a ceiling design that will add character to the room providing a touch of subtle elegance. Make your office work run smoother with a pleasant and interesting design while making sure it’ll not be distracting.

Cool Office Ceiling Design

cool office ceiling design


Office False Ceiling Design

office false ceiling design


Porch Ceiling Designs

If you have a porch then you will already know how important it is to decorate it appropriately. For this reason you should consider the porch’s ceiling. A nice design will give the right impression to your guests. Make sure the materials used are resistant to weather conditions and humidity.

Open Porch Ceiling Design

open porch ceiling design


Front Porch Ceiling Design

front porch ceiling design

Photo by Chona Kasinger

Dining Room Ceiling Designs

Whether you aim for a casual chic approach or for a luxurious tone the ceiling has to follow the style’s command. Play with the lighting. Create different levels with suspended ceiling designs that will have recessed lighting as well as a center piece chandelier for a stunning end result.

Dining Room False Ceiling Design

dining room false ceiling design

Photo by Chris Snook

Wooden Ceiling Design for Dining Room

wooden ceiling design for dining room


Luxury Ceiling Designs

Golden hues, rich textures, crystals and lights are the ideal combination for a luxurious ceiling design. Suitable for every room of the house you can have a luxurious ceiling that will enhance the room’s beauty adding character and completing the look.

Luxury Bedroom Ceiling Design

luxury bedroom ceiling design

Photo by ibi designs

Luxury False Ceiling Design

luxury false ceiling design


Bathroom Ceiling Designs

Make your bathroom look exotic or eccentric just by having the appropriate ceiling design. Incorporating various materials like wood and tiles you can an create amazing synthesis that with the right lighting, will make your bathroom look dreamy.

Modern Bathroom Ceiling Design

modern bathroom ceiling design

Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects

Sloped Ceiling Bathroom Design

sloped ceiling bathroom design

Design by Martin Manley Architects

Small Bathroom Ceiling Design

small bathroom ceiling design


Hall Ceiling Designs

A hall with an interesting ceiling design will connect the various spaces of the house. Get creative an take advantage of the ceiling in the hall to create something that will look amazing and will prepare your guests for the rest of the house.

Hall Pop Ceiling Design

hall pop ceiling design


Traditional Hall Ceiling Design

traditional hall ceiling design


3D Ceiling Designs

You can give a 3D style on your ceiling with suspended ceiling designs or with a smart use of paint and colors. From ceiling paintings to intricate structures you can find amazing ceiling designs. With a smart approach and little modifications you can use this style for small rooms too.

Contemporary 3D Ceiling Design

contemporary 3d ceiling design


Gypsum Ceiling Designs

Gypsum is widely used for ceiling designs. They can come in ready-made designs that you can have installed in any of your house’s rooms. They allow you to install recessed lighting as well as other features like mirrors and chandeliers.

Living Room Gypsum Ceiling Design

living room gypsum ceiling design


Modern Gypsum Ceiling Design

modern gypsum ceiling design


Drop Ceiling Designs

The design in drop ceilings tends to focus on the center since that is the part that extends the most downwards. This allows for a multitude of styles and lighting designs that you can install in order to make the room look remarkably fashionable.

Modern Drop Ceiling Design

modern drop ceiling design

Photo by Ken Gutmaker

Drop Ceiling Idea for Bathroom

drop ceiling idea for bathroom

Design by JamesThomas

Textured Ceiling Designs

Instead of simple paint you can consider a textured design. Texture ceilings have a sophisticated look that can be easily turned into a vintage style with the right ceiling design. From sand waves to geometric patterns you can choose the right one for every room in the house.

Dining Room Textured Ceiling Design

dining room textured ceiling design

Design by Virginia Kitchens

Modern Textured Ceiling Design

modern textured ceiling design

Design by Griffin Enright Architects

Vaulted Ceiling Designs

A vaulted ceiling design is perfect for traditional and country styles. However you can easily incorporate it in modern and eccentric space with the right decorative accessories. The visible beams add a raw feeling that looks inviting while giving you creative ideas for lighting.

Wood Vaulted Ceiling Design

wood vaulted ceiling design

Design by DTM Interiors

Bedroom Vaulted Ceiling Design

bedroom vaulted ceiling design


False Ceiling Designs

Fault ceilings or pseudo ceilings are ideal in case you want to hide wires or a bad ceiling design. They come in a multitude of designs and can be incorporated in every style you might think of. You can get them in every room with no restrictions.

False Ceiling Design for Bedroom

false ceiling design for bedroom


Pop False Ceiling Design

pop false ceiling design


Pop Ceiling Designs

Futuristic designs with modern qualities create amazing pop ceilings. Suitable for modern apartments and teenager’s bedrooms you can have this style in your house. Put the colors in actions, choosing bright ones with contrasting characteristics for a stunning effect.

Pop Ceiling Design for Living Room

pop ceiling design for living room

SAVIO and RUPA Interior Concepts

Pop Ceiling Design for Bedroom

pop ceiling design for bedroom

SAVIO and RUPA Interior Concepts

A ceiling can be the last thing one will notice while entering a room, however, it plays an important role into the impression of the room. Recessed lighting is one of the most used features in a ceiling design. Create illusions by using different colors as well as pseudo ceilings in order to make the space look interesting and sophisticated.

Don’t just paint the ceiling in a lighter color. Play with the different styles and color combinations. Use different elements and create illusions with innovative and smart paint. From the light fixtures to the texture of the ceiling we hope that our collection inspired you with fresh ceiling designs ideas.

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