Nobody spends a lot of time looking overhead, hence ceilings are oft neglected spaces when it comes to interior design and the bedroom is no exception. However, since your bedroom is your haven of rest and relaxation, a well designed ceiling can add a lot to the aesthetics of the room. Ceilings are associated with lighting and a ceiling design, which incorporates a combined system of diffused and focussed illumination can enhance the romantic appeal of the bedroom.

Classy Bedroom Roof Design

classy bedroom roof design

Contemporary Bedroom Roof Ideas

contemporary bedroom roof ideas

Stunning Bedroom Roof Design

stunning bedroom roof design

Based on the design category, ceilings can range from rustic wooden beams, traditional masonry with perhaps a raised-edge border and modern glass ceilings with concealed lighting. Ultra-luxury bedrooms can have elaborate contours with stylish chandeliers and other light fixtures.

Amazing Bedroom Roof Ideas

amazing bedroom roof ideas

Contemporary Bedroom Ceiling Design

contemporary bedroom ceiling design

Pink Bedroom Ceiling Design

pink bedroom ceiling design

Gray Bedroom Roof Design

gray bedroom roof design

Most bedrooms ceilings designs have particular accents for the part of the ceiling directly above the bed, highlighting the bed space from floor to ceiling. The contours and accents are achieved by multi-level masonry or carpentry. Some bedrooms have false ceilings with in-built lighting designed to match the style of the bed.

Awesome Bedroom Ceiling Design

awesome bedroom ceiling design

Black Wood Bedroom Roof Design

bed wood bedroom roof design

Sassy Bedroom Ceiling Design

sassy bedroom ceiling design

Rustic Bedroom Roof Design

rustic bedroom roof design

Classic Bedroom Roof Design

classic bedroom roof design

Bedroom Decor Roof Design

bedroom decor roof design

Striking Bedroom With Black Ceiling

striking bedroom with black ceiling

Royal Blue Bedroom Roof Design

royal blue bedroom roof design

Bright Bedroom Ceiling Design

silver ceiling bedroom design

Slopped Ceiling Bedroom Design

slopped ceiling bedroom design

Master Bedroom with Painted Ceiling

master bedroom with painted ceiling

Wooden Ceiling Bedroom Design

wooden ceiling bedroom design

Blue Bedroom Ceiling Design

blue bedroom ceiling design

Modern Decor Roof Design

modern decor roof design

Modish Bedroom Ceiling Design

modish bedroom ceiling design

Chic Bedroom Roof Design

chic bedroom roof design

Beautiful Bedroom Ceiling Lightning

12 bedroom ceiling design

Cool Bedroom Ceiling Design

cool bedroom ceiling design

Some ceilings have a raised hollow with lighting fixtures along its entire periphery. Imagine going to sleep looking at the moon and the stars above through a glass window directly above the bed. Or visualise yourself going to sleep while following the antics of your fishes in the bed-sized aquarium fitted directly above the bed. Designing a ceiling is actually less complicated than the rest of the interiors, provided you have the commitment and the budget for it.

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