A basement that is lit up well can be a life saver! Basements are usually dark but with the right amount of lights and also the right type of lights, you can create a bright looking basement! A well and good finished basement consists of some basic elements such as ambient, recessed, task and accent is crucial. You could remodel your basement with the right lights and make it as good as new.

Basement Ceiling Lighting

basement ceiling lighting


This basement family room has a traditional basement contains ceiling lighting which looks similar to focus lights. It also features a large pendant light that is placed in the center and along with that are tiny lights fixed in the ceiling. It gives a bright white shine.

Basement Track Lighting

basement track lighting


This is another traditional basement room which has track lighting which is small lights bordered around the ceiling. The room wall features wall collage with paintings, a round table with chairs, sofas, rugs that match with the rest of the décor of the room.

Led Basement Lighting

led basement lighting


When it comes to lighting, LED lights rule the roost. Most modern homes opt for LED lights in their rooms. This contemporary basement pool area cum bar features white LED lights fixed in the ceiling that add mood and ambiance to the room

Basement Wall Lighting Idea

basement wall lighting idea


This is a traditional transitional room in a cottage style house in the basement. The wall lighting idea here is unique.  It features two lanterns like lights on the corners along with ceiling lights for a brighter glow inside the room.

Modern Basement Lighting

modern basement lighting


This is a Mediterranean basement room with a classic design but has a modern twist to it. It is a dark basement room with dark colors like black and navy blue incorporated in it. The flooring of the room is also in dark black marble so to lighten up the black room, the white pendant lights have been used. You can also see Outdoor Ceiling Lights Ideas

Industrial Basement Lighting Idea

industrial basement lighting idea

Design by Studio One-Off Architecture & Design

This is an industrial basement living room with an open concept and having recessed lights in a yellowish hue. The yellowish hue brightens up the room while maintaining the warmth and coziness. It features colorful décor that goes very well with the lighting effect.

Basement Pendant Lighting

basement pendant lighting


This traditional basement family room features pendant lights that hang from the ceiling. The lights are in round shape, has a white and yellowish tone. The lighting enhances the ambiance of the room.

Recessed Basement Lighting

recessed basement lighting


This is a beautiful basement room which is also very large and spacious. It has recessed ceiling lights which are tiny but abundant. The effect of these lights is splendid as it creates a wonderful tone and warmth in the room.

Drop Ceiling Lighting Basement

drop ceiling lighting basement


This is a basement home theater with a drop ceiling light effect which is very right for a home theater. A movie watching place has to be dark but not too dark. The proper lighting is required for it which is exactly what is there in this room.

Basement Gym Lighting Idea

basement gym lighting idea


This is a basement gym where it has focus lights fixed in the ceiling. The light effect complements with the flooring which is a natural stone in brown that looks like granite. The lights are fixed at a reasonable distance from one another and are not in plenty.

Basement Rock Bar Pendant Light

basement rock bar pendant light


Basement Light Renovation Idea

renovation of basement light idea


White Basement Room Ceiling Lights

white basement room ceiling light idea


Basement Room Wall Light Design

basement room wall light design


Basement Gym Room Track Lights

basement gym room track light


Traditional Basement Light Design

traditional basement light design

Design by Ashleigh Weatherill Interior Design

Decorative Basement Lighting Design

decorative basement lighting design


Basement lighting has to be done carefully since the basement rooms are generally a little dark and gloomy. The right lighting can instantly enhance the mood and ambiance of any room. Hence, choosing good lighting is essential for a nice looking room. There are several kinds of lights that have to be incorporated depending on what type of room is being created in the basement. For example track lighting is also one of the very good options to consider as they do not occupy much space yet add a bright effect to the room.

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