When you think of kitchen wall décor, the wall panels in the kitchen need to be customized. They complement the architectural value of the kitchen as well as provides enough space for utility. In modern homes, there are different designs in the kitchen wall panels, and people are experimenting with new designs like glass kitchen wall panels, stainless steel glass panels and so on, besides the traditional wooden ones. Well, here you will find ten elegant kitchen wall panel designs that will live up to your taste.

Glass Kitchen Wall Panel

glass kitchen wall panel

Design by Chris Snook

Patio kitchens are quite common in urban houses, and when you have a wooden floor in such a kitchen, you can simply opt for a glass wall panel. It is an open-plan kitchen with white ceiling and small pendant lights on the top make the room bright and beautiful. A light blue wall colour will make the glass panel elegant.

Commercial Kitchen Wall Panel

commercial kitchen wall panel


Commercial kitchens need to bear an attractive look. You can add a rustic touch to the walls and ceiling, and with all these elements, well-polished grey metal wall panels are perfect. You can use the same colour for the kitchen island. Fix small pendant lights above the island to get a gorgeous look.

Diy Kitchen Wall Panel

diy kitchen wall panel


Glass wall panels bring a sophisticated look to the kitchens. When you have marble countertops and glass backsplash in the kitchen, a glass cabinet looks polished and splendid. You can use stone wallpaper in the room to get a perfect blend of styles.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Wall Panel

stainless steel kitchen wall panel


Contemporary kitchens look elegant when you have a steel kitchen wall panel. These go well with spacious rooms, and you need to get a brown for the perfect match in the kitchen. The steel wall panel on the wall enjoy a great compatibility with the light brown cabinets and kitchen islands.

Modern Kitchen Wall Panel

modern kitchen wall panel


Textured walls yield some of the best kitchen looks in well-lit outdoor kitchens. When you look out for Kitchen Wall Décor themes, a yellow background looks vibrant, and the black spots in the wall complement the black border of the kitchen island and countertop. Use the same spotted design for the brown floor.

Metal Wall Panel Kitchen

metal wall panel kitchen


Metal wall panels are inherent with weightage and elegance, and you can further upgrade the looks of your kitchen with a white paint all over. The brown floor looks contrasting with this setting. The off-white kitchen cabinets look great in the bright interior.

Plastic Kitchen Wall Panel

plastic kitchen wall panel


Trends of housing are changing, and when you have a white interior, you can incorporate the plastic wall panels to get a refined look. The panel is ideal for a cabin kitchen with a beige faucet. With a porcelain slab and wall-mounted sink, you will get a perfect combination in the kitchen.

Kitchen Wood Wall Panel

kitchen wood wall panel


This style of wood wall panels is common in cottages. Wood has its own elegance, and when you use the same shade of brown for wooden floors and furniture, you get the complete charm of the little kitchen. Buy whit appliances for this kitchen to complement the beauty of the walls and ceiling.

Traditional Kitchen Wall Panel

traditional kitchen wall panel


Traditional eat-in kitchens look beautiful when the spacious room has sleek wall panels. The room has a perfect look with a white kitchen island, walls and ceiling. A brown wood-coloured floor makes the beauty pronounced. The black door frames around the glass doors help to strike the right contrast.

Contemporary Kitchen Wall Panel

contemporary kitchen wall panel


In modern homes, people look out for a beautiful mix of styles. You can opt for a bright yellow countertop with these wall panels. Opt for the right contrast of light and dark shades of brown for the walls. The eat-in kitchen looks brilliant with small lights above the countertop.

Amazing kitchen Wall Panel

amazing kitchen wall panel


Floating Kitchen Wall Panel Idea

floating kitchen wall panel idea


Formal Kitchen Wall Panel

formal kitchen wall panel


Kitchen Green Wall Panel

kitchen green wall panel


Kitchen Mosaic Wall Panel

kitchen mosaic wall panel


Kitchen Wall Panel Design

kitchen wall panel design


Rustic Kitchen Black Wall Panel

rustic kitchen black wall panel

Design by Daniel Contelmo

Unique Kitchen Wall Panel

unique kitchen wall panel


When you choose the design of kitchen wall panels, make sure that they complement the looks of other internal architectural elements. These include floor color, ceiling type, etc. A Stone Walled Kitchen looks perfect with innovative panel ideas. You can also incorporate the Glass Wall Panel for a sophisticated look. Feel free to share your innovative kitchen wall panel ideas with us.

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