If you want to give a cozy, country feel to your bathroom, then consider getting beadboard wainscoting on the walls, instead of regular tiles. Beadboard can be installed at a desirable height to create the look of your choice. You can turn a small space like a sink wall in the bathroom into beadboard accent. Beadboard is available in different types of wood materials like plywood, MDF, and PDF. Wainscoting creates a contrasting effect in a plain looking bathroom. Check out these small bathroom ideas with beadboard designs.

White Beadboard Bathroom

white beadboard bathroom


A crisp white beadboard in the bathroom is sure to enhance the overall appeal. Plain wainscoting style is used here, which leaves the space above the beadboard to be used for towel hanger. A baseboard is also installed in white to complete the look.

Beadboard Paneling Bathroom

beadboard paneling bathroom


Simple wainscot in pale blue color is used in this bathroom around the tub area. The beadboard paneling can be painted with boat paint or marine grade paint to make it waterproof. You can also see Beach Bathroom Designs

Small Beadboard Bathroom Design

small beadboard bathroom design


Light colors are used in this small bathroom to give an airy feeling. Grey wainscoting and white walls complement each other perfectly. Baseboard is not installed here as it could make the bathroom appear smaller. You can also see French Country Bathroom Designs

Horizontal Beadboard Bathroom

horizontal beadboard bathroom


Beadboard paneling is usually installed vertically, but it’s a great idea to get these done horizontally. This beadboard wainscoting continues into the storage space and runs all the way up to the ceiling. This is another beautiful combination of blue walls and white beadboard in the bath.

Wainscoting Beadboard Bathroom

wainscoting beadboard bathroom


Plain wainscoting is installed in this traditional bathroom. The walls are deep blue in contrast to white beadboard, creating a striking visual effect. The space above the beadboard is well utilized for installing a cabinet, towel rack, and hanger.

Vintage Beadboard Bathroom

vintage beadboard bathroom


This farmhouse style bathroom is done in blue wainscoting that matches the color of the floral patterned tiles. Trim is also painted in the same blue color to match with the beadboard. Blue beadboard adds a classic touch to the bathroom.

Stained Beadboard Bathroom

stained beadboard bathroom


This beadboard in stained wood adds a natural touch to this small bath area. An interesting contrast here is the use of stained wood on the walls and painting on the wood floor.

Rustic Bathroom with Beadboard

rustic bathroom with beadboard


Wood beadboard is used in this bathroom to give it a rustic look. The beadboard wainscoting matches with the wood ceiling. Nature oriented theme runs in this bathroom, featuring tree wallpaper, wood beadboard, wood ceiling, mirrors with twigs style frame and the earthy wall sconces.

Cottage Beadboard Bathroom

cottage beadboard bathroom

Design by : Connie Cunningham Designs & B&B

This cottage bathroom features beadboard wainscoting on the walls and ceiling. Plank surface of beadboard panel on the walls is wider than the ceiling wainscoting, creating a different textural look. The bathroom is painted in a light soothing color.

Ceramic Tile Beadboard Bathroom

ceramic tile beadboard bathroom


This elegant bathroom is covered in white beadboard on the walls and stained ceramic tiles on the floor. The combination of white and soft blue colors add a refreshing look to this bathroom.

Classic Beadboard Bathroom

classic beadboard bathroom


Tiny Beadboard Bathroom & Cabinet Idea

tiny beadboard bathroom cabinet idea

Design by : Heidi Richardson

Small Vanity Beadboard Bathroom

small vanity beadboard bathroom


Decorative Small Beadboard Bathroom

decorativr small beadboard bathroom


Farmhouse Beadboard Bathroom

farmhouse beadboard bathroom


Small Rustic Beadboard Bathroom

small rustic beadboard bathroom


Country Beadboard Bathroom

country beadboard bathroom


Master Bathroom Beadboard Idea

master bathroom beadboard idea


Beadboard is an excellent choice for bathrooms for its durability, ease of installation and cost-effective qualities. It suits traditional, farmhouse-style, rustic and contemporary bathrooms perfectly. You can get a plain wainscoting or floor-to-ceiling beadboard according to your preferences. Beadboard can also be installed by using bathroom cabinets with beadboard inserts. Bring detailing and flair to the bathroom with beadboard wainscoting.

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