Deck Designs A smartly designed deck enhances the beauty of your front yard and back yard. While you enjoy your evening tea or just sit leisurely with your favourite book in hand, a deck brings in unimaginable comfort. A deck is like a bridge between your house and your back yard or the front yard. It is a perfect place to spend joyful moments with your family and host your guests. Simple things can make your deck more functional and attractive. Here are a few designs you can consider.

Backyard Deck Designs

Redecorate your backyard deck into an interesting seating area. Use a mix of furniture for your back yard deck. A sofa with two single sofas and a central table would add comfort. An easy chair in one corner with a small side table adds to the look. Avoid bulky furniture.

Small Backyard Deck Design

small backyard deck design

Contemporary Backyard Deck Design

contemporary backyard deck design

Covered Backyard Deck Design

covered backyard deck design

Small Deck Designs

If you have limited space, use it to make seating arrangement for two people. Two light chairs with a centre table. You can make your deck more interesting by foliage plants like palms to decorate the corners. Instead of chairs, you can also use simple wooden benches to make your seating arrangement.

Small Garden Deck Design

small garden deck design

Small Wood Deck Design

small wood deck design

Small Pool Deck Design

small pool deck design

Covered Deck Designs

If you just can’t live without your deck, cover it. Enjoy the breeze during hot summer evenings and rains from the comfort of a well-designed deck. You can extend your house roof to cover your deck or make a separate roof for your deck. Use light furniture to make it look more open.

Roof Covered Deck Design

roof covered deck design

Modern Covered Deck Design

modern covered deck design1

Small Covered Deck Design

small covered deck design

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Pool Deck Designs

Use hard wood like Ipe to make your pool deck. Use minimum furniture to leave enough free space. Use waterproof furniture or furniture with waterproof cushions to avoid water damage. According to the space, keep few beach benches on your deck with small side tables. You can use umbrellas for shade.

Round Pool Deck Design

round pool deck design

Concrete Pool Deck Design

concrete pool deck design

Paver Pool Deck Design

paver pool deck design

Patio Deck Designs

Play with stone tiles and wood to make your patio deck. Use different furniture defining the wooden deck and stone deck. Use planters towards the edges with flowering plants and foliage to add colour to your arrangement. A central table with glass top and wrought iron chairs will add to the look.

Wood Patio Deck Design

wood patio deck design

Stone Patio Deck Design

stone patio deck design

Outdoor Deck Designs

There is an ocean of ideas to redecorate your outdoor deck. If you are a nature lover blend the features of nature with your deck. Maintain the surrounding flower beds and foliage, prune them if required. Arrange comfortable seating or outside dining deck in the midst of nature. Use garden statues and wrought iron pieces to add style to your space.

Outdoor Spa Deck Design

outdoor spa deck design1

Outdoor Concrete Deck Design

outdoor concrete deck design

Outdoor Hot Tub Deck Design

outdoor hot tub deck design

Low Deck Designs

Lower decks merge well with the landscape and you don’t have to add stairs. You can also give a miss to guard grills and set up a comfortable seating area with laidback cane couch and a centre table. Add up some extra chairs to increase seating space. Let the surrounding stones and greens add colours to your outside deck.

Backyard Low Deck Design

backyard low deck design

Low Patio Deck Design

low patio deck design

Low Rise Deck Design

low rise deck design

Raised Deck Designs

Stairs are the most important feature of a raised deck. You can either opt for simple straight flight stairs leading to your deck or wide stairs which are more comfortable. Use pots with foliage plants on stairs. You can use planters in the seating area as well. You can also use merging wooden benches for seating instead of chairs and couches.

Raised Concrete Deck Design

raised concrete deck design

Raised Pool Deck Design

raised pool deck design

Raised Ranch Deck Design

raised ranch deck design

Rooftop Deck Designs

Need to redesign your rooftop deck? You can convert your rooftop deck into a comfortable seating area. Use planters along the edges of your deck to add the freshness from greens and colours from flowers. Use mixed furniture, comfortable couch, daybeds and straight back chairs can add to the look. A centre table will complete the look.

Modern Rooftop Deck Design

modern rooftop deck design

Small Rooftop Deck Design

small rooftop deck design

Urban Rooftop Deck Design

urban rooftop deck design

Modern Deck Designs

Minimalistic modern designs can give your deck a sleek yet stylish look. A central marble table with clean straight lines and a bench instead of chairs makes for an amazing seating arrangement. You can use cushions for your bench to add colours. Small palms in planters can be used to add freshness to your stylish deck.

Modern Outdoor Deck Design

modern outdoor deck design1

Modern Wood Deck Design

modern wood deck design

Modern Pool Deck Design

modern pool deck design

Floating Deck Designs

A floating deck or Island deck gives you an elevated sitting area from where you can enjoy the surrounding landscape. Floating decks need extra support, use concrete deck block to make a firm foundation. Use light-weight furniture for comfortable seating with a low centre table. Use potted plants and garden statues to add to the look.

Small Floating Deck Design

small floating deck design

Floating Wood Deck Design

floating wood deck design

Floating Roof Deck Design

floating roof deck design

Home Deck Designs

Your home deck is a multipurpose space which is used for special family moments and hosting guests as well. You can either keep it open or cover it with an extension of the roof. You divide the deck space in a covered and an open deck as well. Along with a comfortable seating, you can also use some space for barbeque and a far corner to set up your Jacuzzi.

Modular Home Deck Design

modular home deck design

Bi Level Home Deck Design

bi level home deck design

Mountain Home Deck Design

mountain home deck design

L-Shaped Deck Designs

If you have an L-shaped deck you can use L-shaped sofas for a lavish seating arrangement. Sleek centre table and a few potted plants to add colour to your deck. Leave the smaller section free for some standing space.

L Shaped Floating Deck Design

l shaped floating deck design

L Shaped Pool Deck

l shaped pool deck

L Shaped Wood Deck

l shaped wood deck

Curved Deck Designs

Adding curves adds a lot of style to a design. You can use the centre of your deck to make a small water body adding a sense of freshness. Along with normal cushioned chairs use wooden benches along deck periphery for seating. Use of spiral stairs instead of normal straight flight ones further defines the look.

Curved Wood Deck Design

curved wood deck design

Curved Metal Deck

curved metal deck

Multi Level Deck Designs

A multi-level deck adds architectural beauty to your deck. It helps you divide your deck into sections. You can divide different layers of your deck using wide stairs. You can use one layer for casual seating while other levels can be used for outside dining set up and barbeque.

Multi Level Pool Deck Design

multi level pool deck design

Multi Level Backyard Deck

multi level backyard deck

Multi Level Platform Deck

multi level platform deck

Garden Deck Designs

Your garden deck is a transition between your house and your garden. A wooden deck with built-in benches as seating arrangement makes it easy to maintain. You can also use metallic chairs and table for seating. Consider a covered deck to enjoy the beauty of your garden in rain or shine.

Home Garden Deck Design

home garden deck design

Garden Deck Lighting Idea

garden deck lighting idea

Vegetable Garden Deck Design

vegetable garden deck design

Paver Deck Designs

It is not necessary to use wood for decking. You can also use natural stones or bricks for your decks. They look natural and blend well with greens. You can use painted wooden furniture for your paved deck. Natural wooden or cane furniture with colourful cushions will look equally classy.

Brick Paver Deck Design

brick paver deck design

Paver Pool Deck Design

paver pool deck design1

Raised Paver Deck Idea

raised paver deck idea

Front Deck Designs

There are many options to make your front deck special. Use simple wide step-up stairs to your door. You can also have a curved deck space with seating arrangement for two and stairs at one end. Use potted plants to decorate the edges and built in benches if you want more free space.

Covered Front Deck Design

covered front deck design

Beach House Front Deck Design

beach house front deck design

Wooden Front Deck Design

wooden front deck design

Enclosed Deck Designs

If you want to soak up the sun and enjoy greenery without being disturbed by the bugs, plan for an enclosed deck design. Use plain glass or stained glass as per your liking for your enclosed deck to let maximum light through the glass. Sip on your coffee while enjoying the scenic beauty.

Enclosed Patio Deck Design

enclosed patio deck design

Glass Enclosed Deck

glass enclosed deck

Rustic Deck Designs

If you want to give a rustic look to your deck you should blend wood with stone. Stone walls with a built-in fireplace and a shelf above are enough to get that rustic look you wanted. Use metallic artefacts and wooden furniture with faded paint to the design to add to the rustic look.

Rustic Deck Railing Design

rustic deck railing design

Rustic Outdoor Deck Idea

rustic outdoor deck idea

Rustic Wood Deck

rustic wood deck

Whether it is your backyard deck, front deck, floating deck or enclosed deck smart designs make your deck the most attractive part of your house which you would like to flaunt. It can be for your personal use or to host a party for friends a beautifully designed deck can add beauty to your house.

Designs shared in this article are sure to inspire you to remodel your own space. There are some simple tips which should be taken care of while building a deck. Right wood which can withstand the pressure of the changing weather is very important. In case you are using natural stones, make sure they are not slippery to avoid accidents. Use good quality screw and nails for decking as rusting nails can decolourise your beautiful deck.

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