2016 ended on a bright note and the ongoing year has nothing but increased and brand new options to offer to the budding and professional graphic designers worldwide. If you are wondering about the new and imaginative graphic design trends that are equally stimulating and captivating, we have today compiled a list of 10 most popular graphic design trends that will definitely dominate the year.

1. Material Design

material design

Possibly one of the biggest and boldest graphic design trends, the material design is a style guide designed by Google to simplify the technique by which the designers design a project, and users interact with the internet. The impressive material design will help to keep the layout minimal yet creative in its nature.

2. Bold Photography Sleek Test

bold photography sleek test

Bold photography paired with sleek text is going to see a major upsurge in the graphic design sphere. The bold and sharp blend does not just reflect class but also helps to communicate a straightforward message through the design. The trend will be readily used for social media promotions, display ads and the graphics where a small piece of information requires to be expressed instantly.

3. Responsive Logos

responsive logos

Responsive logos are designed to keep up with the range of formats and scales available to the users. The responsive logos adjust to the environment (that is the device they are being seen at) and be equally functional and flexible. The responsive logo will continue to become more relevant in 2017.

4. Illustrated Images

illustrated images

Illustrations whether simple or elaborate render a thoughtful presence and make the design more comprehensive and explanatory. Extending on the visual value, the illustrated images also give a relief to the plain textual content in the design.

5. Subtle Colours

subtle colours

subtle colours1

Instead of sticking with the standard flashy and bold colors, try and opt for more profound shades that help to intensify the design rather than just putting it on a display. The reflective colors can be beautifully contrasted by drawing the attention towards the explicit areas of the design.

6. Minimalism


Classic and simple always seals the deal and minimalism has been one graphic design trend to be running high this year. Incorporating the concept of less is more, the trend helps to give your design the required breathable value along with making it well balanced and appealing.

7. Modern Meets Retro

modern meets retro

One of the hottest trends of 2017, modernized retro is one of the easiest approaches of modernizing as well as simplifying the graphical element that becomes notable from any instance or period from the past.

8. Cinemagraphs



Cinemagraphs can be explained as still photographs that express a single and simple minor movement. The image usually comes in the form of a GIF and saves the user and the sender a lot of time. The cinemagraphs works faster and grab the attention of the viewer instantly.

9. Modular Layouts

modular layouts

modular layouts1

Modular layouts help to put the text in an organized fashion. Instead of going for the long block text, the graphic designers have started to opt for modular layouts that put the information in a minimally, readable and functional manner.

10. Geometric Collages

geometric collages

geometric collages1

Collages are back in the trend, and this year we will see them grow further more. The 2017’s collage trends in graphic design talk about placing multiple elements, including illustrations, photos, and type, into a carefully considered geometric layout.

Intensify your graphic project with these elements that are not just going to make the design captivating but also memorable and noteworthy in the long run.

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